A set of Neutron drivers for the VMware NSX.
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asarfaty 77bf24d896 NSX|V3+P: Fix SG creation in port create 6 months ago
common make python 3 the default for tox.ini 3 years ago
tasks NSX-V3| Fix AZ when native dhcp is disabled 5 years ago
__init__.py Delete security group bindings on port delete 6 years ago
edge_appliance_driver.py NSX|V: treat edge cases with edge deletions 4 years ago
edge_dynamic_routing_driver.py NSXv: Add a configured delay after enabling ECMP on edge 4 years ago
edge_firewall_driver.py NSX|V: Add allow icmp6 multicast rules in edge firewall 1 year ago
edge_ipsecvpn_driver.py NSX-V3| Fix AZ when native dhcp is disabled 5 years ago
edge_utils.py NSXV: make service edge sizes configurable 7 months ago
nsxv_edge_cfg_obj.py NSX|V remove async calls to backend 5 years ago
nsxv_loadbalancer.py Remove duplicate policy entries 4 years ago
securitygroup_utils.py NSX|V: Fix SG icmp rules creation 2 years ago
vcns.py NSX|V: Support pagination in get virtual wires 7 months ago
vcns_driver.py Remove neutron-lbaas support & dependencies 2 years ago