A set of Neutron drivers for the VMware NSX.
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Devstack external plugin

Add and set the following in your local.conf/localrc file:

enable_plugin vmware-nsx https://git.openstack.org/openstack/vmware-nsx

For Nsx-mh:


PUBLIC_BRIDGE # bridge used for external connectivity, typically br-ex NSX_GATEWAY_NETWORK_INTERFACE # interface used to communicate with the NSX Gateway NSX_GATEWAY_NETWORK_CIDR # CIDR to configure $PUBLIC_BRIDGE, e.g.

For Nsx-v:


NSXV_MANAGER_URI # URL for NSXv manager (e.g - https://management_ip). NSXV_USER # NSXv username. NSXV_PASSWORD # NSXv password. NSXV_CLUSTER_MOID # clusters ids containing OpenStack hosts. NSXV_DATACENTER_MOID # datacenter id for edge deployment. NSXV_RESOURCE_POOL_ID # resource-pool id for edge deployment. NSXV_DATASTORE_ID # datastore id for edge deployment. NSXV_EXTERNAL_NETWORK # id of logic switch for physical network connectivity. NSXV_VDN_SCOPE_ID # network scope id for VXLAN virtual-wires. NSXV_DVS_ID # Dvs id for VLAN based networks. NSXV_BACKUP_POOL # backup edge pools management range, # <edge_type>:[edge_size]:<minimum_pooled_edges>:<maximum_pooled_edges>. # edge_type:'service'(service edge) or 'vdr'(distributed edge). # edge_size: 'compact', 'large'(by default), 'xlarge' or 'quadlarge'.

# To enable the metadata service, the following variables should be also set: NSXV_MGT_NET_PROXY_IPS # management network IP address for metadata proxy. NSXV_MGT_NET_PROXY_NETMASK # management network netmask for metadata proxy. NSXV_NOVA_METADATA_IPS # IP addresses used by Nova metadata service. NSXV_NOVA_METADATA_PORT # TCP Port used by Nova metadata server. NSXV_MGT_NET_MOID # Network ID for management network connectivity