A set of Neutron drivers for the VMware NSX.
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Zuul d3aea284a7 Merge "NSXV: fail attachment of VDRs to flat networks" into stable/victoria 3 months ago
drivers NSXV: fail attachment of VDRs to flat networks 4 months ago
housekeeper update bandit, hacking and flake8 requirements 2 years ago
vshield NSXV: retrieve DNS IPs from subnet correctly 4 months ago
__init__.py Delete security group bindings on port delete 6 years ago
availability_zones.py NSX|V: Fix init connectivity validation 1 year ago
managers.py Fix broken Victoria branch 1 year ago
md_proxy.py Remove some pylint exclusions 12 months ago
plugin.py Merge "NSXV: handle missing SG mapping" into stable/victoria 5 months ago