Enable H-API delete for Policy Tier1 Api

This change adds hierarchical call support for deleting Policy Tier1.
H-API is already enabled for Tier1 creation. The change has no impact
for callers not using H-API for delete.

Change-Id: Ib36a0faa125b2c12c206b7c6c9ebc3bd0e04330e
(cherry picked from commit 77688b9934)
changes/95/880595/1 19.2.4
Shawn Wang 2023-04-17 17:33:08 -07:00
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commit 389268b562
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@ -1136,7 +1136,7 @@ class NsxPolicyTier1Api(NsxPolicyResourceBase):
def delete(self, tier1_id, tenant=constants.POLICY_INFRA_TENANT):
tier1_def = self.entry_def(tier1_id=tier1_id, tenant=tenant)
def get(self, tier1_id, tenant=constants.POLICY_INFRA_TENANT,