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asarfaty dfe26e5f81 Remove six package usage 2 years ago
asarfaty 27077b385c Removing dependency on the "mock" package 2 years ago
Adit Sarfaty 7cdfb5175b Update tenacity version and usage 3 years ago
Boden R 54d04d4fe1 update hacking and bandit 3 years ago
Boden R 85dd63dffa misc build clean-ups 3 years ago
Adit Sarfaty 121dc09224 Remove oslosphinx from constraints 4 years ago
Zhengsheng Zhou 288a9ce277 Add decorator to requirements.txt 4 years ago
Vu Cong Tuan 3743773622 Switch to stestr 4 years ago
Adit Sarfaty 4c7f3c384f Add lower-constraints job 5 years ago