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Abhishek Raut b980fdb3a2 Add support for IPSet CRUD operations
This patch adds IPSet CRUD operations under the security module.
This patch also adds a util method for IPSets to return reference
dict for IPSet objects.

Change-Id: Ie5157055e80ec1976159cabc172d8285314570c4
6 years ago
dantingl f601978eda Update interface about NSX IPAM and CIF API change
Change-Id: I224b8778cbb519ec9bc4ebebf9f1b3fbf4326b4d
6 years ago
Adit Sarfaty c8edaa87ef Support ip-pool update
Support replacing / deleting values from an existing ip-pool

Change-Id: I918474a9db144bbf22a0df39edb076dedcd327cb
7 years ago
Adit Sarfaty ea8eb2a59a IpPools support
Adding support for IP pool create/delete/get actions,
and also allocate & release IPs from the pool

Change-Id: Ieac0aad2268cffa9d4fb5b521ebec268f2b408f3
7 years ago
Adit Sarfaty e9ddc3dd33 Move all nsxlib code and tests to vmware_nsxlib
Change-Id: I75533e713a680674368d16f0a7aeb4fdbffe3608
7 years ago