219 Commits (b442394c98379ed4cbd9b07b153bd3181c968828)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Rongrong_Miao b442394c98 [T0API] Added SCOPE parameter in static route 5 months ago
Rongrong_Miao 3d5cbe2f3a Added Tier 0 static routes 5 months ago
Rongrong_Miao dd76e05bf3 Fixes get_realization_info, added API to get router port 5 months ago
Shawn Wang 16171471f6 Allow Transaction for Policy IP Pool Deletion 6 months ago
Danting Liu 1bf074cab8 Add wait_until_realized for Tier1 Static Route 5 months ago
Enhao Cui 3c8fee6a47 Add ORBAC Support in Policy API 5 months ago
Gautam Verma 6d8b00f107 Allow tags to be specified while creating Policy Rules 5 months ago
Enhao Cui 56a0fbfab7 Add Support for Updating Policy Resource with PUT 7 months ago
Enhao Cui 238308fa01 Support preferred edge paths in Policy 6 months ago
Enhao Cui 15bcdbe453 Support Tier0 BGP Config in NSX Policy 8 months ago
asarfaty d5fd3208f0 Support segment overlay-id 8 months ago
Salvatore Orlando 6683b721fc Ensure multicast can be set in a transaction 9 months ago
Salvatore Orlando e8e804d866 Tier-1 GW: Allow to set multicast on specific locale-service 9 months ago
Salvatore Orlando 4472eb2d47 Add support for enabling/disabling multicast on Tier-1 GW 10 months ago
sean 7301402c29 Add api support for enabling snat rule logging 11 months ago
asarfaty 4363c256e3 Add logging for failed realization 11 months ago
asarfaty 421a453bd3 Add wait for successful state for segment api 11 months ago
Erica Liu ba09940429 Adding support for customzing ep value in segement creation 11 months ago
asarfaty 5ee7524cc5 Check realization status when getting id by search 11 months ago
asarfaty cf2efd0a3f Use entity-type when checking realization by search api 11 months ago
Shawn Wang a8732a94af
Add DHCP Config build and T1 Adv Rule Update 11 months ago
asarfaty f54812edf9 Replace '\r\n' with '\n' in cert pem before looks for existing ones 1 year ago
lxiaopei 0d263ec65e Create entry with a list of plain string as group 1 year ago
asarfaty f787f7cf3e Add stale revision retry on policy update calls (using PATCH) 1 year ago
asarfaty c13089edcc Add silent param for lb stats 1 year ago
sean db8bc2abf1 Add extra_configs in SegmentPort api 1 year ago
Erica Liu 1a07d7aa97 Retry upon None error code when wait_until_realized 1 year ago
asarfaty ecc16f2bf1 Add api for waiting for success consolidated status for gateway policy 1 year ago
asarfaty dfe26e5f81 Remove six package usage 1 year ago
Ran Gu 6c921f1c93 Add unique_id for segment creation 1 year ago
asarfaty 24069cc977 Improve security policy update rules with transactions 1 year ago
Adit Sarfaty 877c2aa252 Revert "Improve security policy update rules with transactions" 1 year ago
asarfaty fa35900e57 Add wait_until_realized for security policies 1 year ago
asarfaty 980da1ddd4 Add new certificate api find_cert_with_pem 1 year ago
asarfaty 3ddc9e865c Improve security policy update rules with transactions 1 year ago
asarfaty c1dcedcc66 Add silent flag to all policy get apis 1 year ago
asarfaty 64c44d9161 New api to get policy edge cluster nsx node ids 1 year ago
asarfaty 8207afbc81 Support segment profiles mapping 1 year ago
Ran Gu 7ed3fd00f5 Add init_state for SegmentPortApi 1 year ago
Ran Gu 1e3f067d6d Add ls_id property for SegmentApi 1 year ago
Enhao Cui 7d29c09d67 Set firewall_match in Policy NAT Rule to Bypass by Default 1 year ago
asarfaty 12f0edff2f Add api to remove segment tier1 connectivity 1 year ago
Danting Liu 600d8562e5 Add 'X-Allow-Overwrite' in header for policy API force update 1 year ago
asarfaty f10af37483 Add retry on StaleRevision errors for PATCH 1 year ago
asarfaty 394dadd07f Fix segment port attach & detach 2 years ago
Yang Ding f0cc239a83 Dedup conditions before build union condition 2 years ago
Danting Liu c2f048028d Build entry with a list of plain string as group 2 years ago
asarfaty 6c71cfb145 Use PUT instead of PATCH for segment port detach 2 years ago
asarfaty c70d95a1e2 Retry all delete calles on StaleRevision exception 2 years ago
asarfaty 015f493fd1 Support policy segment & port admin state 2 years ago