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Salvatore Orlando f6f86385ae Tier-1 GW: Allow to set multicast on specific locale-service 2 years ago
asarfaty 58340e6272 Fix requirements 2 years ago
Salvatore Orlando ea8d433643 Add support for enabling/disabling multicast on Tier-1 GW 2 years ago
Tao Zou 99015e71b1 Add api support for log related parameters 2 years ago
Erica Liu 293c139b05 Add support for tcp multiplexing in LB Pool config 2 years ago
sean 0323737ed1 Add api support for enabling snat rule logging 2 years ago
asarfaty 20ec669402 Add realtime LB service statistics 2 years ago
asarfaty 620c918579 Fix update of the pool member backup state 2 years ago
asarfaty f4a16ac6d0 Add stale revision error code 2 years ago
asarfaty 253a76c527 Add logging for failed realization 2 years ago
asarfaty b642e2ba14 Add wait for successful state for segment api 2 years ago
Anna Khmelnitsky f81be47cb7 Avoid invoking session/create API with client cert 2 years ago
Erica Liu ba09940429 Adding support for customzing ep value in segement creation 2 years ago
asarfaty 5ee7524cc5 Check realization status when getting id by search 2 years ago
asarfaty cf2efd0a3f Use entity-type when checking realization by search api 2 years ago
asarfaty e115c6f0ec Use related error codes to decide on the exception 2 years ago
Shawn Wang a8732a94af
Add DHCP Config build and T1 Adv Rule Update 2 years ago
Adit Sarfaty 921bab44f8 Revert "Stop old validation loops before reinitializing the cluster" 2 years ago
asarfaty bdf9976a84 Add api for nsxlib passthrough object 2 years ago
asarfaty d6c8d9c3ae Stop old validation loops before reinitializing the cluster 2 years ago
Shawn Wang 6b34416026
Fix Sensitive Header Censorship in Log 2 years ago
Xiaotong Luo 5fd0ce5752 Add error message and NSX time for failed authentication 2 years ago
asarfaty f54812edf9 Replace '\r\n' with '\n' in cert pem before looks for existing ones 2 years ago
lxiaopei 0d263ec65e Create entry with a list of plain string as group 2 years ago
Shawn Wang bcb3210760
Add Provider to APICallRecord 2 years ago
Shawn Wang 22c9a66f05
Add API Call Collector 2 years ago
asarfaty c323f6af1e Add silent flags to LB actions 2 years ago
asarfaty cbf8d87804 Fix ipv6 address pairs limits for ipv6 to 15 2 years ago
asarfaty d4c1f06339 Add api to get all MP tier0 uplink ports 2 years ago
Shih-Hao Li 3ba085fec3 NSXT: Add rule tag support 2 years ago
asarfaty 29981ce489 Add retry on StaleRevision for transactions 2 years ago
asarfaty f787f7cf3e Add stale revision retry on policy update calls (using PATCH) 2 years ago
Danting Liu be35d1dc11 Add force delete option for IP block subnet 2 years ago
asarfaty a78e1b164b Add constant for ipv6 address pairs 2 years ago
Enhao Cui 4fe325f418 Expose status codes of related errors in ManagerError 2 years ago
asarfaty 0b52a1b74e Reduce client & cluster logs upon requests 2 years ago
asarfaty c13089edcc Add silent param for lb stats 2 years ago
sean db8bc2abf1 Add extra_configs in SegmentPort api 2 years ago
Gautam Verma 849d2c0e5a Add InvalidLicense exception 2 years ago
Erica Liu 1a07d7aa97 Retry upon None error code when wait_until_realized 2 years ago
Shawn Wang dd23782b57
Add uri_segment for MP LB Resources 2 years ago
Salvatore Orlando c348a302f8 Add more censored headers 2 years ago
asarfaty ecc16f2bf1 Add api for waiting for success consolidated status for gateway policy 2 years ago
asarfaty dfe26e5f81 Remove six package usage 2 years ago
asarfaty b73f1ea42f Handle icmp type 0 validation correctly 2 years ago
Ran Gu 6c921f1c93 Add unique_id for segment creation 2 years ago
asarfaty 24069cc977 Improve security policy update rules with transactions 2 years ago
Adit Sarfaty 877c2aa252 Revert "Improve security policy update rules with transactions" 2 years ago
asarfaty fa35900e57 Add wait_until_realized for security policies 2 years ago
asarfaty 202fffd7a3 Fix get_firewall_section_id to return a valid section 2 years ago