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Zuul 85be41b3b5
Merge "Escape illegal chars in LS name"
5 years ago
.. Add method to check NSX export type 5 years ago Retry on 503 Service Unavailable 5 years ago Remove sha224 from supported client cert hash algs 5 years ago Retry is IOError is received 5 years ago NSX rate limit support 5 years ago Remove neutron-lib from the dependencies 5 years ago Escape illegal chars in LS name 5 years ago make python 3 the default for tox.ini 5 years ago Ensure update retry for load balancing resources 5 years ago Separate native DHCP apis to allow external usage 5 years ago Drop log translations 6 years ago Merge "Add revision_id when creating FW rule" 5 years ago Refactor policy code to match the new NSX 5 years ago Merge "Policy: support multiple services in a communication map" 5 years ago Replace uuid.uuid4() with uuidutils.generate_uuid() 5 years ago Add transport_node_uuid in VifAttachmentContext 5 years ago Enabled naming nat rules 5 years ago Add logging when initializing a default FW section 5 years ago Add find cert by pem data method 5 years ago Escape illegal chars in LS name 5 years ago Remove unsupported VPN algorithms 5 years ago