Web Service Made Easy (WSME) simplify the writing of REST web services by providing simple yet powerful typing which removes the need to directly manipulate the request and the response objects.
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Stephen Finucane 80bda9053f sphinxext: Resolve compatibility with Sphinx 4.x 2 months ago
rest Remove useless __future__ imports 2 months ago
tests Remove six 2 months ago
__init__.py Reorganise the decorators. expose and validate are now in wsme.rest, and ws.api.signature becomes the raw decorator to declare a function signature. Got rid of the 'pexpose' decorator, which will be replaced later by a better way. 9 years ago
api.py Remove six 2 months ago
exc.py Remove six 2 months ago
protocol.py WebOb: Do not use the deprecated best_match method 2 years ago
root.py Remove six 2 months ago
runtime.py Move the missing argument verification in a wsme.runtime module so that it can be used in all adapters 9 years ago
types.py Remove six 2 months ago
utils.py Remove six 2 months ago