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Andreas Jaeger 7c68877e72 Retire zmq-event-publisher
The repo has been forked and is maintained elsewhere.
OpenStack does not need it anymore, so retire it.

Change-Id: I0787450fdc66beba7d191280b9d208ab2fc024d6
2020-01-15 21:32:13 +01:00
OpenDev Sysadmins fa543daa00 OpenDev Migration Patch
This commit was bulk generated and pushed by the OpenDev sysadmins
as a part of the Git hosting and code review systems migration
detailed in these mailing list posts:

Attempts have been made to correct repository namespaces and
hostnames based on simple pattern matching, but it's possible some
were updated incorrectly or missed entirely. Please reach out to us
via the contact information listed at with any
questions you may have.
2019-04-19 19:51:40 +00:00
Ian Wienand 54759994c6 Replace git:// URLs with https://
This is a mechanically generated change to replace
git:// URLs with https:// equivalents.

This is in aid of a planned future move of the git hosting
infrastructure to a self-hosted instance of gitea (,
which does not support the git wire protocol at this stage.

This update should result in no functional change.

For more information see the thread at

Change-Id: Ie0344a5bd22f459f7ef3c90678e5e0ff31a93972
2019-03-24 20:36:29 +00:00
James E. Blair 3ef6c4a112 Add node description to event data
There may be interesting information in the node description.  With
Ia4fc671ecb60581be258346afc23125749ba8f15 we are adding nodepool
metadata to the description field.

Change-Id: I95f87d60959e428d888e77de48e9acca0e34b233
2016-04-13 17:24:01 -07:00
Spencer Krum dd56aff16a Update links in pom.xml
We need to have a page on in order for it to be
actually published. I created this page and am linking to it here.

Change-Id: I807d1899487898341b0278900610d7bd44d038d1
2016-02-17 16:40:30 -08:00
Andreas Jaeger 2e365eb1b9 Remove broken scm section
This repository only accepts changes using and
not via Therefore remove scm configuration sections,
they cannot work for publishing any content.

Note that the scm maven plugin for git does not support gerrit,
documentation about supported options is at

Change-Id: I7ece45005124c32251426d319e2a59ae5343e176
2016-01-05 06:57:45 +01:00
Jonathan Harker b401ce7b72 Add additional logging
Change-Id: I5e2b5487afd4b63d597fbb1d4a7a9c27738fa734
2015-01-14 12:31:47 -05:00
Michael Krotscheck 2507e04dd8 Switched documentation to point to storyboard.
We've migrated this project to storyboard, I'm updating the documentation links.

Change-Id: I2497ef1a2fe2159181ac2994f0cc39282a2c66e0
2014-11-11 15:58:21 -08:00
Clark Boylan 9fa445bb35 Update README with contributing info.
The README was lacking information on how to contribute and file bugs.
Fix this.

Change-Id: Ice3759b039ec33ffa3ace00db9ce93c9f9de2bae
2014-03-06 14:37:50 -08:00
Clark Boylan df9ee54284 Get master hostname from master computer object.
Jenkins.getDisplayName() is useless and returns "Jenkins". Get the name
of the master via the Jenkins master computer object. Fall back on
doing a DNS name lookup otherwise.

Change-Id: Icee4e22e9ca989fd1faa6d27f4dad3be76da6385
2014-01-29 18:06:10 -08:00
Davanum Srinivas 7e2ca62e1c Include Jenkins host name / Code cleanup
The first cut of this review was to inject the jenkins/build
master host name and was then expanded to the following

* Use Jenkins class as Hudson class is being deprecated
* Change instances of Hudson currently named hudson to jenkins
* Remove unused imports
* Remove extra semi-colons

Change-Id: If1715b574952ac4c228501459663956fee55c4a6
2014-01-24 09:55:37 -05:00
James E. Blair 36ca349ad1 Include the node name
Change-Id: I1cf2aee446c1e51c8eb15f7d84c3e828f3716cce
2013-08-13 17:29:29 -07:00
Jenkins 41e07786b0 Merge "setup a parameter for the plugin version" 2013-07-24 22:45:14 +00:00
Khai Do 6d2179aa83 add a gitreview file
Change-Id: Iceb91b964f5d4de510182207d7164548da747e88
2013-07-24 15:39:47 -07:00
Khai Do 83563029e4 setup a parameter for the plugin version
This commit parameterizes the version so that it can be
passed in from the command line.  We use it to auotmate
the versioning and deployment to the

Change-Id: Ie3911e7181ff7e7f40f29ba48b0c0613937ec489
2013-07-24 09:03:44 -07:00
Clark Boylan 135d273963 Use single thread to perform all zmq sends.
jeromq does not appear to be thread safe. Use a single thread to call
send on the ZMQ socket to avoid contention for those resources. Have the
RunListener pass events to the ZMQ sender thread with a BlockingQueue.

Do not block when offering events to that queue to avoid
starvation/deadlock in the Jenkins job runners. Events may potentially
be lost if ZMQ cannot keep up.
2013-01-31 10:59:53 -08:00
Clark Boylan 7d54898d4e Use Hudson object to get global config for plugin
Instead of using the Run object for builds (which may be null) to get
the global config for the plugin retrieve it directly from a Hudson
2013-01-29 20:28:39 -08:00
Clark Boylan 8d334cd9a9 Use jeromq instead of jzmq. 2013-01-25 13:42:38 -08:00
Clark Boylan 28d5017b4a Check for and handle ZMQ errors.
Log ZMQ errors and deal with them by creating a new ZMQ PUB socket in
most situations.
2013-01-25 10:56:13 -08:00
Clark Boylan f92be91eb0 Add a README and fix copyright/license headers. 2013-01-23 17:00:05 -08:00
Clark Boylan fd1480b87d Useful events and config.
JSON build info is now emitted in the published events and the plugin is
configurable. Config option include whether or not events should be
emitted (global option and per project option) and the TCP port to
listen on.
2013-01-23 16:10:54 -08:00
Clark Boylan 28a4fa86e1 Initial proof of concept for zmq event publisher.
It works, but isn't very useful yet.
2013-01-23 10:40:09 -08:00