Add more detail to TESTING.rst

Add additional sections to the testing instructions; these are based
on the same sections in the Zuul repo.  This brings the nodepool repo
to parity.

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@ -56,3 +56,43 @@ To run the test suite in just one of the environments in envlist execute::
so for example, *run the test suite in py35*::
tox -e py35
Run One Test
To run individual tests with tox::
tox -e <env> --
For example, to *run a single Nodepool test*::
tox -e py35 -- nodepool.tests.unit.test_launcher.TestLauncher.test_node_assignment
To *run one test in the foreground* (after previously having run tox
to set up the virtualenv)::
.tox/py35/bin/stestr run nodepool.tests.unit.test_launcher.TestLauncher.test_node_assignment
List Failing Tests
stestr failing --list
Hanging Tests
The following will run each test in turn and print the name of the
test as it is run::
. .tox/py35/bin/activate
stestr run
You can compare the output of that to::
python -m discover --list
Need More Info?
More information about stestr: