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@@ -364,6 +364,12 @@ Options
openshift driver, see the separate section

.. value:: aws

For details on the extra options required and provided by the
AWS driver, see the separate section

OpenStack Driver
@@ -1291,3 +1297,237 @@ Selecting the openshift driver adds the following options to the
Only used by the
:value:`providers.[openshift].labels.type.pod` label type;
specifies the amount of memory in MB to request for the pod.

AWS EC2 Driver

Selecting the aws driver adds the following options to the :attr:`providers`
section of the configuration.

.. attr-overview::
:prefix: providers.[aws]
:maxdepth: 3

.. attr:: providers.[aws]
:type: list

An AWS provider's resources are partitioned into groups called `pool`
(see :attr:`providers.[aws].pools` for details), and within a pool,
the node types which are to be made available are listed
(see :attr:`providers.[aws].pools.labels` for details).

See `Boto Configuration`_ for information on how to configure credentials
and other settings for AWS access in Nodepool's runtime environment.

.. note:: For documentation purposes the option names are prefixed
``providers.[aws]`` to disambiguate from other
drivers, but ``[aws]`` is not required in the
configuration (e.g. below
``providers.[aws].pools`` refers to the ``pools``
key in the ``providers`` section when the ``aws``
driver is selected).


.. code-block:: yaml

- name: ec2-us-west-2
driver: aws
region-name: us-west-2
- name: debian9
image-id: ami-09c308526d9534717
username: admin
- name: main
max-servers: 5
subnet-id: subnet-0123456789abcdef0
security-group-id: sg-01234567890abcdef
- name: debian9
cloud-image: debian9
flavor-name: t3.medium
key-name: zuul
- name: debian9-large
cloud-image: debian9
flavor-name: t3.large
key-name: zuul

.. attr:: name

A unique name for this provider configuration.

.. attr:: region

Name of the `AWS region`_ to interact with.

.. attr:: profile-name

The AWS credentials profile to load for this provider. If unspecified the
`boto3` library will select a profile.

See `Boto Configuration`_ for more information.

.. attr:: boot-timeout
:type: int seconds
:default: 60

Once an instance is active, how long to try connecting to the
image via SSH. If the timeout is exceeded, the node launch is
aborted and the instance deleted.

.. attr:: launch-retries
:default: 3

The number of times to retry launching a node before considering
the job failed.

.. attr:: cloud-images
:type: list

Each entry in this section must refer to an entry in the
:attr:`providers.[aws].cloud-images` section.

.. code-block:: yaml

- name: ubuntu1804
image-id: ami-082fd9a18128c9e8c
username: ubuntu
- name: my-custom-win2k3
connection-type: winrm
username: admin

Each entry is a dictionary with the following keys

.. attr:: name
:type: string

Identifier to refer this cloud-image from :attr:`labels` section.
Since this name appears elsewhere in the nodepool configuration file,
you may want to use your own descriptive name here and use
``image-id`` to specify the cloud image so that if
the image id changes on the cloud, the impact to your Nodepool
configuration will be minimal. However, if ``image-id`` is not
provided, this is assumed to be the image id in the cloud.

.. attr:: image-id
:type: str

If this is provided, it is used to select the image from the cloud
provider by ID.

.. attr:: username
:type: str

The username that a consumer should use when connecting to the node.

.. attr:: connection-type
:type: str

The connection type that a consumer should use when connecting to the
node. For most images this is not necessary. However when creating
Windows images this could be 'winrm' to enable access via ansible.

.. attr:: connection-port
:type: int
:default: 22/ 5986

The port that a consumer should use when connecting to the node. For
most diskimages this is not necessary. This defaults to 22 for ssh and
5986 for winrm.

.. attr:: pools
:type: list

A pool defines a group of resources from an AWS provider. Each pool has a
maximum number of nodes which can be launched from it, along with a number
of cloud-related attributes used when launching nodes.

.. attr:: name

A unique name within the provider for this pool of resources.

.. attr:: subnet-id

If provided, specifies the subnet to assign to the primary network
interface of nodes.

.. attr:: security-group-id

If provided, specifies the security group ID to assign to the primary
network interface of nodes.

.. attr:: host-key-checking
:type: bool
:default: True

Specify custom behavior of validation of SSH host keys. When set to
False, nodepool-launcher will not ssh-keyscan nodes after they are
booted. This might be needed if nodepool-launcher and the nodes it
launches are on different networks. The default value is True.

.. attr:: labels
:type: list

Each entry in a pool's `labels` section indicates that the
corresponding label is available for use in this pool. When creating
nodes for a label, the flavor-related attributes in that label's
section will be used.

.. code-block:: yaml

- name: bionic
flavor-name: m5a.large
console-log: True

Each entry is a dictionary with the following keys

.. attr:: name
:type: str

Identifier to refer this label.

.. attr:: cloud-image
:type: str

Refers to the name of an externally managed image in the
cloud that already exists on the provider. The value of
``cloud-image`` should match the ``name`` of a previously
configured entry from the ``cloud-images`` section of the
provider. See :attr:`providers.[aws].cloud-images`.

.. attr:: flavor-name
:type: str

Name of the flavor to use.

.. attr:: key-name
:type: string

If given, the name of a keypair that will be used when
booting each server.

.. attr:: volume-type
:type: string

If given, the root `EBS volume type`_

.. attr:: volume-size
:type: int

If given, the size of the root EBS volume, in GiB.

.. _`EBS volume type`:
.. _`AWS region`:
.. _`Boto configuration`: