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Ian Wienand 8d54917488 Use zuul-sphinx for configuration layout
This moves the configuration documentation to a hierarchical layout
using the attr directives provided by zuul-sphinx.

Apart from making it look like the zuul documentation, this brings
consistency to things like required flags, default values and typing

There are no content changes but things have moved around somewhat to
accommodate the layout.


Change-Id: I831dfd8c9458a1f255aa05fa96cfc5c416ed3310
5 years ago
Zuul 8358f36ffe Merge "Add list of metrics provided to statsd" 5 years ago
Doug Hellmann f443b49a01 uncap sphinx
The newest reno release, 2.10.0, requires a feature of newer sphinx
without specifying that the minimum compatibility has changed. Uncap
sphinx here so at least the doc build is not broken.

Change-Id: Ic5127de5bfbbcdc9fd4a6d06d955b0b280c09f74
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
5 years ago
Markus Hosch b3ae6e4791 Add list of metrics provided to statsd
This change provides a list of currently available metrics that are
reported by the laucher and the builder.

Change-Id: I51bc38c746cab5374095cc80e77db4534c041119
5 years ago
Markus Hosch fe6b7ddfca Move sphinx + deps to doc/requirements.txt
Move all doc related requirements to a separate requirements.txt so
that the tests do not install unneccessary dependencies.

Change-Id: I276775ee2d038209f82bfb42dca386a2f5bf02f0
5 years ago