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Tristan Cacqueray b01227c9d4 Move the fakeprovider module to the fake driver
This change is a follow-up to the drivers spec and it makes the fake provider
a real driver. The fakeprovider module is merged into the fake provider and
the get_one_cloud config loader is simplified.

Change-Id: I3f8ae12ea888e7c2a13f246ea5f85d4a809e8c8d
6 years ago
David Shrewsbury 6da49fe732 Docs: Remove cron references
Cron support is gone. Remove the doc/config file references, and
config supporting code.

Change-Id: I6587c7c3122dc1eb16f2c58520e7d76de31624f3
6 years ago
Paul Belanger c5c5be30f9 Remove keypair from provider section
This was an unused setting which was left over from when we supported

Change-Id: I940eaa57f5dad8761752d767c0dfa80f2a25c787
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <>
6 years ago
Paul Belanger f7289a5aca Remove legacy openstack settings from nodepool.yaml
Before os-client-config and shade, we would include cloud credentials
in nodepool.yaml. But now comes the time where we can remove these
settings in favor of using a local clouds.yaml file.

Change-Id: Ie7af6dcd56dc48787f280816de939d07800e9d11
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <>
6 years ago
David Shrewsbury 8c6461ebe4 Remove Jenkins
Remove files and fakes related to Jenkins. Since the 'targets'
config section was for mapping to Jenkins, this isn't needed either.

Change-Id: Ib5c615a95fcdce5234b3c63957171d77b8fbc65d
6 years ago
David Shrewsbury 8ce719b626 Remove Gearman and ZMQ
Sets up a shim for the new method that does
not require any service except ZooKeeper and removes all references
to Gearman/ZMQ.

Change-Id: I452c24d631592f47eb3f4cbffb56f3252f36c298
6 years ago
James E. Blair 6e98071f98 Remove script-dir
Script-dir was only used for snapshot building.  Since that is no
longer supported, remove it.

It was also passed through to DIB as an evironment variable.
However, the OpenStack infra element that used it defaults to
a sensible value.  Users who still want to use that can add it
as an environment variable to appropriate diskimage entries.

Change-Id: Ie72bb9675fdad6364589a6e3823f4ef9a0228e86
7 years ago
Joshua Hesketh a7b9eef976 Merge branch 'master' into feature/zuulv3
Get things up-to-date before merging the feature into master.

Change-Id: Ia288e64bfd857d8089c68b3a03f6ea56d1662e33
7 years ago
Isaac Beckman ceb2c79a0e Remove references to node-devstack in tests
node-devstack is no more refernced by dib elements in nodepool.
Remove also the references to node-devstack from tests and docs.

Change-Id: I8602d6ef133ef96cd8aa4f788436489ea03cc6d0
7 years ago
James E. Blair f707d1ffdf Remove image-update cron
Instead, move this feature to be an attribute of the diskimages.
A "rebuild-age" is set for each diskimage (defaults to 24 hours),
and when a given diskimage becomes older than this age, the builder
will attempt to rebuild it (regardless of the time of day).

This makes more sense for a system that will retry failed builds
as well as being generally more idempotent, but also means that
when builds and uploads occur will be slightly less predictable.

Change-Id: I4725383158d5baf8fb67e86cb014d2db122e71a0
7 years ago
Yolanda Robla db7c48c301 Update nodepool to use secure.conf file
Depends on a new secure.conf file to grab mysql
connection and jenkins credentials. By this way,
nodepool.yaml is just a flat file without credentials,
that can be passed externally.

Co-Authored-By: Ramy Asselin <>
Depends-On: Ie9381740e3644feaee1f1b201499e3a253677f39
Change-Id: Ifa4d500c52974b9fd3a0b7fd9c28cf8f52899ca9
8 years ago
Jeremy Stanley 63e5297f7e Switch from MySQL-python to PyMySQL
PyMySQL, unlike MySQL-python, is a pure-python implementation with
support for Py3K.

Change-Id: I110c85fa7d57a6ab121437f93238cf931a8f2d74
8 years ago
James E. Blair c46a53141e Line-by-line dib logs
Log each line of output from DIB as it is read, and log it to the
image log file instead of the standard one.

Also, update the fake-dib system so that it exercises more code.
Fix the filename check for fake-dib as the fake filename key
actually ends up in the middle of the filename string.

Add a fake-dib config file.

Change-Id: I1e43c26ac0f9db4cf4e52f77b2cf5ca59f19989c
9 years ago