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Fabien Boucher f57ac1881a
Remove uneeded shebang and exec bit on some files
3 years ago
Tobias Henkel 31c276c234
Fix relaunch attempts when hitting quota errors
5 years ago
Tobias Henkel 2da274e2ae
Don't gather host keys for non ssh connections
5 years ago
Tobias Henkel 7d79770840 Do pep8 housekeeping according to zuul rules
5 years ago
Tristan Cacqueray 4d201328f5 Collect request handling implementation in an OpenStack driver
6 years ago
David Shrewsbury 8cbe6bb4ca Add initial ZooKeeper API
7 years ago
Monty Taylor e1f4a12949 Use shade for all OpenStack interactions
7 years ago
Monty Taylor eed395d637 Be more specific in logging timeout exceptions
7 years ago
Gregory Haynes cda77d069f Builders distinguish between failure and exception
7 years ago