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Ian Wienand 9367cf8ed8
Add a dib-cmd option for diskimages
4 years ago
aborted-node-status-3fd18d39cb468f8f.yaml Add upgrade release note about aborted node status 5 years ago
aws-driver-6d6c25381066b9ca.yaml Remove prelude from AWS release note 4 years ago
build-result-metrics-deb2aaa329830f8a.yaml Add metric for image build result 4 years ago
build-timeout-bb68a1fd24f97a10.yaml Revert "Revert "Add a timeout for the image build"" 4 years ago
default-format-fb859338909defb9.yaml Fix adding qcow2 format without need 5 years ago
deleted-node-state-c9c8bd3cbaf04452.yaml Add an upgrade release note for schema change 4 years ago
dib-stats-update-c4efeab13753e090.yaml Update dib stats 4 years ago
dib_cmd-484e473de8454679.yaml Add a dib-cmd option for diskimages 4 years ago
diskimage-connection-port-f53b0a9c910cb393.yaml Add connection-port to provider diskimage 5 years ago
ignore-provider-quota-aa19e7a7271ee106.yaml Add ability to ignore provider quota for a pool 5 years ago
k8s-in-cluster-config-e9a711d20faac949.yaml Update documentation for k8s in-cluster config 4 years ago
label-stats-1059f87162e461e1.yaml Initialize label statistics to zero 4 years ago
multilabel-999f0d38d02848a2.yaml Add release note about upgrading for multi-label 5 years ago
node-metadata-e1e822b49464f51a.yaml Add arbitrary node attributes config option 4 years ago
nodepool-list-pool-detail-680f47814fd51427.yaml status: add pool column to nodepool list output 5 years ago
openshift-driver-fdef4199b7b73fca.yaml Implement an OpenShift resource provider 4 years ago
openshiftpods-driver-fc72090d0ac0d670.yaml Implement an OpenShift Pod provider 4 years ago
openstack-driver-labels-host-key-checking-f102c013040f5f15.yaml Toggle host-key-checking for openstack provider.labels 4 years ago
openstack-driver-labels-networks-0422c3227a8f07c6.yaml Allow openstack provider labels to configure networks 4 years ago
openstack-server-properties-c3dc0a8685c2da34.yaml Add release note for instance-properties config 4 years ago
openstacksdk-stats-fix-f0f8da97cfd52328.yaml Use openstacksdk submit_task 4 years ago
paused-handler-fix-6c4932dcf71939ba.yaml Add release note for paused handler fix 5 years ago
pin-openshift-dependency-0.8.9-eafedef07c849567.yaml Add release note about pinning openshift client 4 years ago
port-cleanup-667d476437f03358.yaml Revert "Revert "Cleanup down ports"" 4 years ago
secure-dib-env-c6013bab90406988.yaml builder: support setting diskimage env-vars in secure configuration 5 years ago
security-group-support.yaml Add support for specifying security_group in nodepool 5 years ago
static-driver-changes-9692c3ee0dc0bc29.yaml Add release note for static driver changes 5 years ago
static-driver-node-update-02ee5536737b20b8.yaml Update static nodes in Zookeeper on config change 4 years ago
static-driver-windows-cf80096636dbb428.yaml Support winrm hosts in static driver 5 years ago
stats-normalisation-088eae77f7d0c9e8.yaml Normalise more of the API stats calls 4 years ago
task-manager-replaced-12e4b3a0108f9358.yaml Remove TaskManager and just use keystoneauth 4 years ago
unmanaged_image_id-cf916620abc630e4.yaml Fix for referencing cloud image by ID 5 years ago
update-min-sdk-version-be01a16f36ccf92f.yaml Bump minimum openstacksdk version to 0.17.2 5 years ago