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Nodepool is a system for managing test node resources. It supports launching
single-use test nodes from cloud providers as well as managing access to
pre-defined pre-existing nodes. Nodepool is part of a suite of tools that form
a comprehensive test system, including Zuul.
The latest documentation for Nodepool is published at:
The latest documentation for Zuul is published at:
Getting Help
There are two Zuul-related mailing lists:
`zuul-announce <>`_
A low-traffic announcement-only list to which every Zuul operator or
power-user should subscribe.
`zuul-discuss <>`_
General discussion about Zuul, including questions about how to use
it, and future development.
You will also find Zuul developers in the `#zuul` channel on Freenode
To browse the latest code, see:
To clone the latest code, use `git clone`
Bugs are handled at:!/project/zuul/nodepool
Code reviews are handled by gerrit at
After creating a Gerrit account, use `git review` to submit patches.
# Do your commits
$ git review
# Enter your username if prompted
Join `#zuul` on Freenode to discuss development or usage.
Nodepool is free software, licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.
Python Version Support
Nodepool requires Python 3. It does not support Python 2.