Ian Wienand f5d015c883 Update Docker and bindep for Bullseye base images
Similar to Zuul (I71182e9d3e6e930977a9f983b37743ee3300ec91), the base
images have updated to Bullseye.

This updates various things to get a building Bullseye image.

We have upgrade to 3.9-based images here because OpenDev builds ARM64
wheels for a bullseye+arm64 combo, which we use to speed up the ARM64
cross-build (we do not have any repository of <3.7|3.8>+bullseye ARM64
wheels, so it makes it difficult to use these combos as the
cross-build can take a very long time)

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2021-10-26 11:11:19 +11:00

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extra-index-url =
prefer-binary = true