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  Andreas Jaeger 8d85f6ccaa Update zuul git URL 3 days ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 6ca3110ee8 OpenDev Migration Patch 5 days ago
  James E. Blair d20695814d Update zuul ansible location 1 month ago
  Monty Taylor fef2b11ebd
Ignore errors on ssh key removal 3 months ago
  Monty Taylor b95f12ed8f
Add fetch-output to base jobs 3 months ago
  Monty Taylor e78dab260b
Add ensure-output-dirs to base jobs 3 months ago
  Zuul cf25241cda Merge "Add validate-host and log-inventory" 4 months ago
  Jeremy Stanley 7cca702336 Correct zuul-jobs path 7 months ago
  Zuul 54e633d25e Merge "Update test-requirements ansible version" 8 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger cb83b17f9f Update docs build job 8 months ago
  Tristan Cacqueray 7deaf1142f Update test-requirements ansible version 8 months ago
  Ian Wienand c68bf20246 Add validate-host and log-inventory 10 months ago
  James E. Blair e79613fa30 Add logo to docs 11 months ago
  James E. Blair 01dacf08ba Add libre2 to bindep 11 months ago
  Monty Taylor 4ae59c0a9c
Remove feature/zuulv3 from pip depend 1 year ago
  Jeremy Stanley 43ef243145 Correct a trivial readme typo 1 year ago
  Jeremy Stanley ab5c4064e7 Add generic base and base-test jobs/playbooks 1 year ago
  Jeremy Stanley 5d5813a7f6 Initial boilerplate, packaging and testing 1 year ago
  OpenStack Project Creator 65b07200ce Added .gitreview 1 year ago