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Zuul 91468c150c Merge "Pin protobuf<3.18 for Python<3.6" 4 days ago
Jeremy Stanley f8f1d1c271 Pin protobuf<3.18 for Python<3.6 5 days ago
Jeremy Stanley a3caa9ed5b Preinstall PBR in ensure-pip test playbook 2 weeks ago
Zuul 2cedd93c02 Merge "ensure-docker: enable centos-8-stream testing" 3 weeks ago
Zuul b6ffaaecbb Merge "ensure-podman: enable testing of centos-8-stream" 3 weeks ago
Monty Taylor 23867c2cf8 Update binfmt support image used 4 weeks ago
Ian Wienand 6e4120a2ba build-docker-image: fix indentation of documentation 4 weeks ago
Ian Wienand b950178733 build-docker-image: Add flag to use BuildKit 4 weeks ago
Sorin Sbarnea 76d5a24433 ensure-podman: enable testing of centos-8-stream 1 month ago
Sorin Sbarnea f38122369a ensure-docker: enable centos-8-stream testing 1 month ago
Clark Boylan ce31c2c678 Find (s)testr more reliably 1 month ago
Zuul 7bd7aa5c9a Merge "Remove success-url" 2 months ago
Xinliang Liu e3327efd38 Fix install podman error on Ubuntu aarch64 Bionic 2 months ago
James E. Blair f37ecd4bd6 Remove success-url 2 months ago
James E. Blair e8cc0b54ed Ignore errors when deleting tags from dockerhub 3 months ago
James E. Blair 9d3aaaf434 Enable ZooKeeper 4 letter words 3 months ago
Zuul 73481298e3 Merge "Re-add buildset-registry jobs" 3 months ago
James E. Blair 8bdb78476d Fix default value for zuul_artifacts 3 months ago
James E. Blair 229df6694f Re-add buildset-registry jobs 3 months ago
Clark Boylan 4c40b92950 Prevent leaks of buildset registry credentials 10 months ago
Paul Belanger 9b7c1d0f73 Update run-buildset-registry for readability 10 months ago
Zuul 5f0e6d12fb Merge "Fix buildset-registry test on focal" 3 months ago
Zuul 4918fbcc89 Merge "Add role to enable FIPS on a node" 3 months ago
Zuul 859415c24b Merge "ensure-zookeeper: better match return code" 3 months ago
Mohammed Naser b78bb286f6 Switch jobs to use fedora-34 nodes 3 months ago
Ian Wienand 0d872a19b4 Ensure dnf-plugins-core before calling "dnf copr" 3 months ago
Ade Lee be0415e556 Add role to enable FIPS on a node 5 months ago
Zuul 01cae8ee22 Merge "Bump default Helm version to 2.17.0" 3 months ago
Tristan Cacqueray cab4e8a1cc fetch-translation-output: introduce zuul_use_fetch_output 2 years ago
Mohammed Naser 32f5cf0c12 Bump default Helm version to 2.17.0 4 months ago
Zuul 0a5decdc42 Merge "Add properties to upload-artifactory" 4 months ago
Niklas Borg 963f01e5dd Add properties to upload-artifactory 5 months ago
Zuul 3b841f9dea Merge "Tidy up file matcher for bindep jobs" 4 months ago
Zuul b70a6b14fe Merge "Handle no-sudo in stage-output" 4 months ago
Zuul 0427f2ab8d Merge "Add ensure-skopeo role" 4 months ago
Zuul 98384d489f Merge "Use openstacksdk 0.45.0 for python2.7" 4 months ago
James E. Blair 3c17cf9ccf Tidy up file matcher for bindep jobs 4 months ago
James E. Blair f0d7c980b5 Handle no-sudo in stage-output 4 months ago
Rodion Gyrbu ace6818e67 Bump golang version 4 months ago
Ian Wienand 3565eb4ab8 ensure-zookeeper: better match return code 4 months ago
Guillaume Chauvel 911fe88a9f Fix buildset-registry test on focal 4 months ago
Guillaume Chauvel b517747623 Add ensure-skopeo role 4 months ago
Zuul 0fcc5ff5ac Merge "collect-container-logs: don't copy on failure" 5 months ago
Jeremy Stanley 795dad6444 Test Debian Buster and Bullseye 5 months ago
Jeremy Stanley 750be2e2de Add new Debian security mirror suite pattern 5 months ago
Sorin Sbarnea 57415688ce Remove ansible-lint path exclusions 2 years ago
Clint Byrum 7eab57ab1e intercept-job -- self-service SSH access 2 years ago
Tristan Cacqueray 6cd8980fc3 ensure-docker: prevent issue on centos-7 where the socket does not exists 5 months ago
Gonéri Le Bouder 2bb9b4995a ensure-docker: ensure docker.socket is stopped 5 months ago
Ian Wienand 9b17d6c9df collect-container-logs: don't copy on failure 5 months ago