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James E. Blair 9f2f4ec145 Flake8 cleanups
Tox can now run the linters test.

The linters gate job is added.

Change-Id: If39545c928991baa47c919ab6b357bf47ca9ca90
2021-07-23 10:27:10 -07:00
James E. Blair a32c31bc3c Add docs
Change-Id: I2975607a51860df88863454785ae5d189f6f2831
2021-07-23 10:27:04 -07:00
James E. Blair eff9f360f7 Use kopf operator framework
This switches from the ansible/dhall operator framework to kopf,
an operator framework written in pure Python.  This allows us to:

* Build the operator application as a Python app.
* Build the operator image using the opendev python builder images.
* Run the operator as a Python CLI program "zuul-operator".
* Write procedural Python code to handle operator tasks (such as
  creating new nodepool launchers when providers are added).
* Use Jinja for templating config files and k8s resource files
  (direct pythonic manipulation of resources is an option too).

The new CR nearly matches the existing one, with some minor differences.

Some missing features and documentation are added in the commits
immediately following; they should be reviewed and merged as a unit.

Also, fx waiting for scheduler to settle in functional test since
we changed this log line in Zuul.

Change-Id: Ib37b67e3444b7cd44692d48eee77775ee9049e9f

Change-Id: I70ec31ecd8fe264118215944022b2e7b513dced9
2021-07-20 13:16:07 -07:00
James E. Blair 0366b867bf Upload release images on tag
This uploads release images to dockerhub when we tag the repo.

Change-Id: Ic44a9d29a1e888d8d7874205b0025f286912b5e8
2021-04-10 18:37:28 -07:00
Tristan Cacqueray 3454835c63 Add zuul-operator-upload-image job
It seems like the zuul-operator-promote-image job does not
upload the image. This change adds a new gate job to upload
the image and fix the promote job.

Change-Id: Ic3b41e3b29182135f71dc1adf8c6ebd9c26d798d
2020-12-04 16:38:32 +00:00
Tristan Cacqueray 20f634230d Add initial withCertManager input toggle
This change adds a new input toggle to enable using a cert-manager service.
The operator currently only setup a selfSigned CA.

Change-Id: Ifc63768a87f9508c66e4414d5286bae2969985e7
2020-04-15 00:04:21 +00:00
Tristan Cacqueray c6d35be4d6 Add zuul-registry deployment
This change adds an optional registry configuration to the spec:

    count: 0
    storage-size: 20
    public-url: https://registry:9000

The operator expect a {{ cr_name }}-registry-tls secret to be provided
for tls and user configuration. If the secret is missing, the operator
creates self signed certificates and generates the user password.

Change-Id: I0c054485b0ad01d53ddcff93f7bcbf34d1810325
2020-04-14 11:22:20 +00:00
Tristan Cacqueray 119090208b Increase scheduler wait timeout and improve logs collection
In some case, the test node needs more time to pull the
zuul image. This change increases the wait time to 8 minutes
to prevent false positive failure.

Thsi change also:
* adds a build artifact with the generated kubernetes resources.
* redirects post commands output to logfiles to unclutter the
  job-output console.
* replaces kubectl wait by rollout status.
* wait for operator and nodepool-launcher deployment.

Change-Id: I1c499bd11576f92b98511cd1ff180026b8aa70d8
2020-04-13 21:21:00 +00:00
Zuul f3e9e7cccf Merge "Add integration test playbook" 2020-03-31 17:52:01 +00:00
Tristan Cacqueray a6cda880b9 Add integration test playbook
This change adds a new run playbook to perform some integration
- add a config project with a periodic pipeline
- ensure the executor run a job
- ensure the job results are published in the db
- ensure the console-stream is working

Change-Id: I85187c741b376eaafdef1066452f13e2853caed7
2020-03-31 12:20:43 +00:00
James E. Blair 4bac284763 Use explicit provides/requires for container jobs
Rather than rely on the implicit docker-image provides/requires
list explicit per-image requirements for related jobs to reduce,
unecessarily serialization in change queues.

Change-Id: If31a57ff9c7e242bad4050d88df3c33e0eb2f27f
2020-03-13 10:51:12 -07:00
Tristan Cacqueray 717a43dfaf Add zuul-operator-promote-image job
This change enables the image to be published on the docker hub.

Change-Id: I10e52e580083531dd091bbb804b1af5d8610560a
2020-02-18 09:56:08 -08:00
Tristan Cacqueray 2937272624 Replace existing operator tasks with the new dhall function
This change replaces the existing tasks with a dhall function to
generates all the kubernetes objects. The operator nows converts
the CR spec to a dhall `Input`, then it applies the function
output to the cluster. Follow-up changes demonstrate how
runtime operations can be performed around that function.

This change updates the zuul-ci_v1alpha1_zuul_cr.yaml file with
the actual CR defined in the zuul specification so that it can
be used in the functional tests.

Change-Id: Iea51bccf90def6e827d2c5846ad6a7e4c86a5bc1
2020-02-04 00:51:30 +00:00
Tristan Cacqueray 70693e51ea Update sdk to v0.13.0 and install dhall-to-json
This change adds a couple of new tools in the operator image.
This change also disables the CI job and the follow-up changes
will re-active it step by step.

Change-Id: I106b34a5e11aec5e88ca2f491c69c82527551952
2020-01-30 17:29:09 +00:00
Jeff Liu b6a9870e57 Create zookeeper operator
Change-Id: I99d54739b289c80f169f26e0b99d2d0362d37dd2
2019-09-18 02:08:53 +00:00
Jeff Liu 5637d13f1f use opendev image building system for zuul-operator test

Change-Id: I12bde1fbe892273c458f11e568402d1b53073a41
2019-07-31 10:56:55 -04:00
Jeff Liu aafaeab660 Add Kubernetes Operator Functional Test Job
A job that will run playbooks which start kubernetes, and verify that the
zuul-operator builds properly. This will be added to check and gate and
is the first step to

Change-Id: Idf677621cf178b3af9975bbd22fbfe0d30df7ee5
2019-07-12 10:37:42 -04:00
James E. Blair 33b70c9905 Add .gitreview and .zuul.yaml
Change-Id: Ib7d973bf8ebdbd62c5d1a0da5a64842cead18871
2019-06-27 07:41:10 -07:00