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James E. Blair a32c31bc3c Add docs
Change-Id: I2975607a51860df88863454785ae5d189f6f2831
2021-07-23 10:27:04 -07:00
James E. Blair e5879666bd Bump API version to v1alpha2
To accomodate the CR syntax changes.

Change-Id: Ie646a9c58655b0987a8fb0d4c914cd8b93190b1b
2021-07-20 13:16:58 -07:00
Tristan Cacqueray 2937272624 Replace existing operator tasks with the new dhall function
This change replaces the existing tasks with a dhall function to
generates all the kubernetes objects. The operator nows converts
the CR spec to a dhall `Input`, then it applies the function
output to the cluster. Follow-up changes demonstrate how
runtime operations can be performed around that function.

This change updates the zuul-ci_v1alpha1_zuul_cr.yaml file with
the actual CR defined in the zuul specification so that it can
be used in the functional tests.

Change-Id: Iea51bccf90def6e827d2c5846ad6a7e4c86a5bc1
2020-02-04 00:51:30 +00:00
Tristan Cacqueray 70693e51ea Update sdk to v0.13.0 and install dhall-to-json
This change adds a couple of new tools in the operator image.
This change also disables the CI job and the follow-up changes
will re-active it step by step.

Change-Id: I106b34a5e11aec5e88ca2f491c69c82527551952
2020-01-30 17:29:09 +00:00