precision on email_filter

The filtering regexp should not allow greedy matchers (such as .*) but
use non greedy ones (such as .*?).  One want to escape dots as well.

Additionally, whenever one want to add several emails, he should use a
YAML list.

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@ -254,7 +254,10 @@ explanation of each of the parameters::
This is used for any event. It takes a regex applied on the performer
email. Example: ``email_filter: .*$``.
email, i.e Gerrit account email address. If you want to specify
several email filters, you must use a YAML list. Make sure to use non
greedy matchers and to escapes dots!
Example: ``email_filter: ^.*?@example\.org$``.
This is only used for ``comment-added`` events. It accepts a list of