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Any variables specified in the job definition are available as Ansible
host variables. They are added to the `vars` section of the inventory
file under the `all` hosts group, so they are available to all hosts.
Simply refer to them by the name specified in the job's `vars`
Secrets also appear as variables available to Ansible. Unlike job
variables, these are not added to the inventory file (so that the
inventory file may be kept for debugging purposes without revealing
secrets). But they are still available to Ansible as normal
variables. Because secrets are groups of variables, they will appear
as a dictionary structure in templates, with the dictionary itself
being the name of the secret, and its members the individual items in
the secret. For example, a secret defined as::
- secret:
name: credentials
username: foo
password: bar
Might be used in a template as::
{{ credentials.username }} {{ credentials.password }}
.. TODO: xref job vars
Zuul Variables
Zuul supplies not only the variables specified by the job definition
to Ansible, but also some variables from the executor itself. They