Merge "Consume interface_ip from nodepool node" into feature/zuulv3

Jenkins 6 years ago committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit 788af45d30

@ -634,13 +634,17 @@ class AnsibleJob(object):
return result
def getHostList(self, args):
# TODO(clarkb): This prefers v4 because we're not sure if we
# expect v6 to work. If we can determine how to prefer v6
hosts = []
for node in args['nodes']:
ip = node.get('public_ipv4')
if not ip:
ip = node.get('public_ipv6')
# NOTE(mordred): This assumes that the nodepool launcher
# and the zuul executor both have similar network
# characteristics, as the launcher will do a test for ipv6
# viability and if so, and if the node has an ipv6
# address, it will be the interface_ip. force-ipv4 can be
# set to True in the clouds.yaml for a cloud if this
# results in the wrong thing being in interface_ip
# TODO(jeblair): Move this notice to the docs.
ip = node.get('interface_ip')
host_vars = dict(