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@@ -147,10 +147,23 @@ Promote


zuul promote --tenant openstack --pipeline check --changes 12345,1 13336,3
zuul promote --tenant openstack --pipeline gate --changes 12345,1 13336,3

Note that the format of changes id is <number>,<patchset>.

The promote action is used to reorder the change queue in a pipeline, by putting
the provided changes at the top of the queue; therefore this action makes the
most sense when performed against a dependent pipeline.

The most common use case for the promote action is the need to merge an urgent
fix when the gate pipeline has already several patches queued ahead. This is
especially needed if there is concern that one or more changes ahead in the queue
may fail, thus increasing the time to land for the fix; or concern that the fix
may not pass validation if applied on top of the current patch queue in the gate.

If the queue of a dependent pipeline is targeted by the promote, all the ongoing
jobs in that queue will be canceled and restarted on top of the promoted changes.