doc: point directly to zuul.conf section

The launcher documentation about 'Starting Builds' evokes the
parameter-function in the zuul.conf documentation.  One had to goes down
a few pages until the 'Includes' subsection.  I have updated the
references to point directly to Includes, saving the reader sometime.

Also fixed a typo: paremeter -> parameter

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@ -164,7 +164,8 @@ instead invoke:
where **NODE_NAME** is the name or class of node on which the job
should be run. This can be specified by setting the ZUUL_NODE
parameter in a paremeter-function (see :ref:`zuulconf`).
parameter in a parameter-function (see :ref:`includes` section in
Zuul sends the ZUUL_* parameters described in `Zuul Parameters`_
encoded in JSON format as the argument included with the