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Document zuul-executor graceful

This adds documentation for zuul-executor graceful. In the process we
tweak the docs for pause as well.

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Clark Boylan 2 months ago
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@ -883,9 +883,12 @@ To start the executor, run ``zuul-executor``.
There are several commands which can be run to control the executor's
behavior once it is running.
In order to stop the executor and under normal circumstances it is
best to pause and wait for all currently running jobs to finish
before stopping it. To do so run ``zuul-executor pause``.
To pause the executor and prevent it from running new jobs you can
run ``zuul-executor pause``.
To cause the executor to stop accepting new jobs and exit when all running
jobs have finished you can run ``zuul-executor graceful``. Under most
circumstances this will be the best way to stop Zuul.
To stop the executor immediately, run ``zuul-executor stop``. Jobs that were
running on the stopped executor will be rescheduled on other executors.