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Testing Your OpenStack Code
A Quickstart
This is designed to be enough information for you to run your first tests.
Detailed information on testing can be found here:
*Install pip*::
[apt-get | yum] install python-pip
More information on pip here:
*Use pip to install tox*::
pip install tox
Run The Tests
*Navigate to the project's root directory and execute*::
Note: completing this command may take a long time (depends on system resources)
also, you might not see any output until tox is complete.
Information about tox can be found here:
Run The Tests in One Environment
Tox will run your entire test suite in the environments specified in the project tox.ini::
envlist = <list of available environments>
To run the test suite in just one of the environments in envlist execute::
tox -e <env>
so for example, *run the test suite in py26*::
tox -e py26
Run One Test
To run individual tests with tox::
tox -e <env> --
For example, to *run the basic Zuul test*::
tox -e py27 -- tests.test_scheduler.TestScheduler.test_jobs_launched
To *run one test in the foreground* (after previously having run tox
to set up the virtualenv)::
.tox/py27/bin/python -m tests.test_scheduler.TestScheduler.test_jobs_launched
Need More Info?
More information about testr:
More information about nose:
More information about testing OpenStack code can be found here: