Log Zookeeper session on connection state change

In order to identify e.g. the ephemeral owner of a node in Zookeeper it
is helpful to log the Zookeeper session ID when the connection is
established or changes.

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Simon Westphahl 2024-03-27 12:17:49 +01:00
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commit 9aea549305
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@ -83,8 +83,13 @@ class ZooKeeperClient(object):
.. warning:: This method must not block.
session_id = 0
if client_id := self.client.client_id:
session_id, _ = client_id
if state == KazooState.LOST:
self.log.debug("ZooKeeper connection: LOST")
self.log.debug("ZooKeeper connection (session: %#x): LOST",
self.was_lost = True
for listener in self.on_connection_lost_listeners:
@ -92,14 +97,16 @@ class ZooKeeperClient(object):
except Exception:
self.log.exception("Exception calling listener:")
elif state == KazooState.SUSPENDED:
self.log.debug("ZooKeeper connection: SUSPENDED")
self.log.debug("ZooKeeper connection (session: %#x): SUSPENDED",
for listener in self.on_suspended_listeners:
except Exception:
self.log.exception("Exception calling listener:")
self.log.debug("ZooKeeper connection: CONNECTED")
self.log.debug("ZooKeeper connection (session: %#x): CONNECTED",
# Create a throwaway thread since zk operations can't
# happen in this one.
if self.was_lost: