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simply reflect who to ask to explain the item in more detail if it
is too cryptic. In your own work, feel free to leave TODOv3 notes
if a change would otherwise become too large or unweildy.
* Implement Zookeeper for Nodepool builders and begin using this in
OpenStack Infra
* Implement Zookeeper for Nodepool launchers
* Implement a shim to translate Zuul v2 demand into Nodepool Zookeeper
launcher requests
* Begin using Zookeeper based Nodepool launchers with Zuul v2.5 in
OpenStack Infra
* Begin using Zuul v3 to run jobs for Zuul itself
* Move OpenStack Infra to use Zuul v3
* Implement Github support
* Begin using Zuul v3 to run tests on Ansible repos
* Implement support in Nodepool for non-OpenStack clouds
* Add native container support to Zuul / Nodepool