Merge "Remove unused clasess from" into feature/zuulv3

Jenkins 6 years ago committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit cb3e13bc22

@ -14,7 +14,6 @@
import json
import logging
import six
import time
from kazoo.client import KazooClient, KazooState
from kazoo import exceptions as kze
@ -82,93 +81,6 @@ def buildZooKeeperHosts(host_list):
return ",".join(hosts)
class BaseModel(object):
def __init__(self, o_id):
if o_id: = o_id
self._state = None
self.state_time = None
self.stat = None
def id(self):
return self._id
def id(self, value):
if not isinstance(value, six.string_types):
raise TypeError("'id' attribute must be a string type")
self._id = value
def state(self):
return self._state
def state(self, value):
if value not in STATES:
raise TypeError("'%s' is not a valid state" % value)
self._state = value
self.state_time = time.time()
def toDict(self):
Convert a BaseModel object's attributes to a dictionary.
d = {}
d['state'] = self.state
d['state_time'] = self.state_time
return d
def fromDict(self, d):
Set base attributes based on the given dict.
Unlike the derived classes, this should NOT return an object as it
assumes self has already been instantiated.
if 'state' in d:
self.state = d['state']
if 'state_time' in d:
self.state_time = d['state_time']
class NodeRequest(BaseModel):
Class representing a node request.
def __init__(self, id=None):
super(NodeRequest, self).__init__(id)
def __repr__(self):
d = self.toDict()
d['id'] =
d['stat'] = self.stat
return '<NodeRequest %s>' % d
def toDict(self):
Convert a NodeRequest object's attributes to a dictionary.
d = super(NodeRequest, self).toDict()
return d
def fromDict(d, o_id=None):
Create a NodeRequest object from a dictionary.
:param dict d: The dictionary.
:param str o_id: The object ID.
:returns: An initialized ImageBuild object.
o = NodeRequest(o_id)
super(NodeRequest, o).fromDict(d)
return o
class ZooKeeper(object):
Class implementing the ZooKeeper interface.