doc about a post-merge pipeline

Reacting on `change-merged` event definitely requires --force-message to
be passed to `gerrit review` or Gerrit will complain the change is
closed whenever it is also passed --verify X or --code-review Y.

Added a simple example to setup a post-merge independant pipeline.

Left a note about ``change-merged`` lacking the commit sha1. One should
instead use the ``ref-updated`` when the commit sha1 is needed.

Close #1067083

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@ -323,7 +323,32 @@ useful for side effects such as creating per-commit tarballs. ::
This also triggers jobs when changes are uploaded to Gerrit, but no
results are reported to Gerrit. This is useful for jobs that are in
development and not yet ready to be presented to developers.
development and not yet ready to be presented to developers. ::
- name: post-merge
manager: IndependentPipelineManager
- event: change-merged
force-message: True
force-message: True
The ``change-merged`` events happen when a change has been merged in the git
repository. The change is thus closed and Gerrit will not accept modifications
to the review scoring such as ``code-review`` or ``verified``. By using the
``force-message: True`` parameter, Zuul will pass ``--force-message`` to the
``gerrit review`` command, thus making sure the message is actually
sent back to Gerrit regardless of approval scores.
That kind of pipeline is nice to run regression or performance tests.
.. note::
The ``change-merged`` event does not include the commit sha1 which can be
hazardous, it would let you report back to Gerrit though. If you were to
build a tarball for a specific commit, you should consider insteading using
the ``ref-updated`` event which does include the commit sha1 (but lack the
Gerrit change number).