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  James E. Blair 74a9c9de9b Use ZooKeeper TLS in tests 2 months ago
  Tobias Henkel b6f3167b9c
Revert "Revert "Create zuul/web/static on demand"" 2 years ago
  Tobias Henkel 5c97994f9f
Fix ignored but tracked .keep file 2 years ago
  Ivan Remizov c032a8cea7 Exclude .keep files from .gitignore 3 years ago
  James E. Blair 8571b52ba8 Add docker-compose quickstart example 3 years ago
  Fabien Boucher dc56869bb1 Add .stestr to .gitignore 3 years ago
  Monty Taylor 4a781a7f86
Use yarn and webpack to manage zuul-web javascript 4 years ago
  Tobias Henkel 7fd7fa3f6f Ignore .mypy_cache 4 years ago
  Clint Byrum f18ca9cd20 Add coverage artifacts to .gitignore 4 years ago
  Tobias Henkel e9bc74fb39 Ignore .idea directory 4 years ago
  JP Sullivan 802c03ccc0 Add vim swap files to .gitignore 5 years ago
  James E. Blair 96f2694b67 Merge configurations with multiple layout files 5 years ago
  Paul Belanger cabc247b5f Ignore .venv directory 7 years ago
  Monty Taylor bc7588343f Migrate to testrepository. 8 years ago
  Monty Taylor 5cc8a47d40 Migrate to pbr. 8 years ago
  James E. Blair 4795838dd2 Add layout file validation. 8 years ago
  Paul Belanger 43cdeab65f Import oslo-incubator for versioning 9 years ago
  James E. Blair cdd000764e Add documentation. 9 years ago
  James E. Blair ff986a134b Add Jenkins cleanup thread. 9 years ago
  James E. Blair 1ce97ad61c Add .pyc to gitignore. 9 years ago
  James E. Blair ee743613ce Initial commit. 9 years ago