13 Commits (master)

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  James E. Blair 74a9c9de9b Use ZooKeeper TLS in tests 3 months ago
  Jan Kubovy d518e56208 Prepare Zookeeper for scale-out scheduler 7 months ago
  Tristan Cacqueray 1f7d3a879b tests: use a more inclusive word for the default password 10 months ago
  Riccardo Pittau b5e894ec56 Correct syntax to be compatible with mysql8 11 months ago
  Antoine Musso 6eb3753dde On CI, use a tmpfs for ZUUL_TEST_ROOT 1 year ago
  Clark Boylan 9e2beeef5e Run zookeeper datadir on tmpfs during testing 3 years ago
  Paul Belanger 9d6c0a9307 Add tox-py36 jobs 3 years ago
  Tobias Henkel f8f4cc9752 Don't create ci test admin login unencrypted in postgres 3 years ago
  Tobias Henkel 267d134b7e
Add tests for postgresql 3 years ago
  Paul Belanger ca10f85fed
Avoid using apt-add-repository 4 years ago
  Paul Belanger 2989672aad Add bubblewrap to bindep / test-setup.sh 4 years ago
  Paul Belanger 6a766dccd6 Make sure services are running for test-setup.sh 4 years ago
  Joshua Hesketh d78b44878c Add support for sqlalchemy reporter 6 years ago