4685 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matthieu Huin d72ddd01e3 Import collections.Mapping correctly 1 week ago
  Tristan Cacqueray 6a8ca2d07b zuul tenant-conf-check: disable scheduler creation 3 weeks ago
  Albin Vass 216d92b946 Remove argument from gerritwatcher cancel 2 weeks ago
  James E. Blair 638b1e1090 Fix unknown job detection 2 weeks ago
  James E. Blair 1338f813ec Fix reporting merge failure behind change adding ppc 2 weeks ago
  James E. Blair e9cf4bb842 Fix layout cache and adding a project to a pipeline 2 weeks ago
  Clark Boylan d296098c05 Cleanup Zuul's stdout/stderr output 3 weeks ago
  Albin Vass 5ae4d20e2b Gitlab: filter repository branches with protected branch rules 3 weeks ago
  Tristan Cacqueray 6eb2a3eb31 scheduler: call stop on SIGTERM 3 weeks ago
  Simon Westphahl 07188e2ee7 Optimize layout re-calculation after re-enqueue 1 month ago
  Simon Westphahl 55c1945314 Remove layout attribute from queue items 1 month ago
  Tristan Cacqueray 7fcb04cf31 gerrit: delay event queue attempts 3 weeks ago
  James E. Blair aa8bcfd874 Fix test race with executor stats 3 weeks ago
  Felix Edel 465ac84cfb Move "create|delete reference ..." messages to own sub logger 1 month ago
  Ian Wienand 01efd92d2a client: fix REST autohold-list response 4 weeks ago
  James E. Blair 153f8a90cc Support multiple semaphores 2 months ago
  Simon Westphahl 62526da69f Cache unparsed config files in Zookeeper 2 months ago
  Simon Westphahl 5bc219d5cd Allow monitoring length of connection event queues 2 months ago
  Simon Westphahl 2c06110464 Add metrics for pipeline event queues 2 months ago
  Simon Westphahl abaa8e29f8 Implement API for caching raw config files in ZK 2 months ago
  Simon Westphahl eedb4f4447 Add a logical timestamp to management events 2 months ago
  James E. Blair a951f37280 Wait on startup if SQL not available 2 months ago
  Felix Edel 19c236d163 Calculate statsd metrics via ComponentRegistry 2 months ago
  Felix Edel 040f403e7f Improve component registry 2 months ago
  James E. Blair eb5e425d55 Revert "Omnibus executor secret decrypt revert" 1 month ago
  James E. Blair 31ce10e6e4 Be explicit about yaml loaders/dumpers 1 month ago
  Andrii Ostapenko baae13e3fd
Add support for vote-deleted event 1 month ago
  Clark Boylan 139a7d7657 Move encrypted/pkcs1-oaep yaml object handling into yamlutil 1 month ago
  James E. Blair ddb7259f0d Omnibus executor secret decrypt revert 1 month ago
  Simon Westphahl b144f54811 Revert "Optimize layout re-calculation after re-enqueue" 1 month ago
  Tobias Henkel 21ce3f9ad7
Remove translation of check run action in github driver 1 month ago
  Clark Boylan f2982dc152 Check if statsd is set before using it 1 month ago
  Simon Westphahl 336e48d824 Remove use of item's layout in Nodepool API 1 month ago
  Simon Westphahl 3061107fdc Stream API for sharded Zookeeper data 7 months ago
  Felix Edel 8bf5bcd1bb Calculate build start and end time on executor server 2 months ago
  James E. Blair b8a0a1738b Raise exception on duplicate tenant configs 1 month ago
  James E. Blair 77bde6f765 Decrypt project ssh keys in executors 2 months ago
  James E. Blair 28916c741b Produce better errors on startup if cat jobs fail 2 months ago
  James E. Blair fbb17e1f35 Decrypt secrets on the executors 2 months ago
  Simon Westphahl 48ef350cb2 Add pipeline event queue lengths to status JSON 2 months ago
  James E. Blair 707570e46b Support serializing encrypted secret objects 2 months ago
  Tobias Henkel 43c17d320d
Fix resolveBranch working on outdated data 2 months ago
  Simon Westphahl 3bb8684e93 Fix missing call to updateFromDict for mgmt events 2 months ago
  Simon Westphahl 60d01d1e58 Always request all required project configuration 2 months ago
  Simon Westphahl 8b6a887336 Store tenants in unparsed abide as dict 7 months ago
  Tobias Henkel 5f90c60306
Fix implicit role repos missing in repo-state 2 months ago
  Simon Westphahl e6199985d1 Fix exception on build started event for noop jobs 2 months ago
  Tobias Henkel 6fc028d255 Optimize layout re-calculation after re-enqueue 2 months ago
  Felix Edel 2a74170633 Make NodeSet fully serializable 5 months ago
  Felix Edel ba7f81be2d Provide statsd client to Nodepool and make scheduler optional 2 months ago