1 Commits (5161347efdfce1a3dac020e88b20b4f632565cd2)

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Simon Westphahl 5161347efd
Add optional support for circular dependencies 2 years ago
Tristan Cacqueray 2f520fe720 scheduler: fix enqueue event to use canonical project name 3 years ago
Tobias Henkel d4aa128bef Fix implicit role for repos named ansible 4 years ago
James E. Blair abbaa6f2c6
Add some ansible plugin tests 5 years ago
James E. Blair c73c73a983 Use playbooks defined in repos 5 years ago
Arie b6f068c62e Re-enable the duplicate_pipeline test 5 years ago
James E. Blair 8b1dc3fb22 Add dynamic reconfiguration 5 years ago