1 Commits (9a9b690dc22c6e6fec43bf22dbbffa67b6d92c0a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Tobias Henkel bf4e9893d0
Block localhost shell tasks in untrusted playbooks 1 year ago
Tobias Henkel cd9827e664
Manage ansible installations within zuul 3 years ago
Tobias Henkel 6885b6aa06
Rename action-general to actiongeneral 3 years ago
Tobias Henkel 72dd0e82c2
Move zuul_log_id injection to command action plugin 3 years ago
Monty Taylor 788a40e75c
Prevent execution of locally overridden core modules 4 years ago
Clint Byrum b1e6f6cf56 Fix all action plugins to import safely 4 years ago
Monty Taylor 3317a37eee
Import the ansible base module, not self 4 years ago
Monty Taylor c231d939ea Add action plugins to restrict untrusted execution 5 years ago