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James E. Blair b47717cc9b Add governance document
This is an attempt to formalize our governance structure, but it's
not really an attempt to change it.  The goal has been to create
a governance structure which most closely resembles how we have
been operating for the past several years.

Change-Id: Ia692631353b5d2ac90ee4f9b9c615e4f7244a24d
5 years ago
Monty Taylor f0314feb8c
Use reno for release notes
The OpenStack Release team has created a great release notes management
tool that integrates with Sphinx. Start using it. For reference on how
to use it, see

Add an initial release note with no contents so that the build flow and
docs integration can be verified. The note file can be removed later.

Change-Id: I254cd220fc8c0c06ee87f84f1fb5cbe3244f0fed
5 years ago
Clint Byrum f491d06843 Disambiguate with Netflix and Javascript zuul
There are two other projects named zuul. Let's make sure we disambiguate
so users aren't confused.

Change-Id: I6c459d062970e2abcbb890d626297595d979d324
5 years ago
James E. Blair ac3c7aeff8 Docs: add a glossary
And start using it.  Added some common terms to glossary.

I have not found a lot of source material yet to suggest the best
way to incorporate use of a glossary into the text, especially with
very frequently used technical terms like we have in some parts of
this documentation.  So here are the guidelines I'm trying out:

* If the term is being defined in the text, don't like to the glossary
  (that would be redundant), but do emphasize it with *italics* the
  first time it appears in that definition.  Subsequent uses within
  the same subsection should be in regular type.
* If it's being used (but not defined) in the text, link the first usage
  within a subsection to the glossary, but subsequent uses should be
  in regular type.
* Be cognizant of how readers may jump to link targets within the text,
  so be liberal in considering that once you cross a link target,
  you may be in a new "subsection" for the above guideline.

This change also alters some use of literals to make them more consistent:

* Filenames and scalar values of attributes (not special keyword values
  like 'independent') should be ``literal``.

* Most references to attribute names should be via the :attr: role, however,
  for abbreviated local references (ie, to the current or previous attribute)
  use **bold** to maintain the same style but without the long name and link.

Also, correct some spelling.

Change-Id: I7debd962c0300f1a7c357d825fc2642ada89df58
6 years ago
James E. Blair 7145c58f6c Provide nicer index entries for config items
And make the zuul:configobject directive produce an actual node
so that links to it work as expected.

Change-Id: I8c4222b23a2d1f67eee23a6b70f4669277ca4dcd
6 years ago
James E. Blair eff5a9d8d7 Reorganize docs into user/admin guide
Refresh the user and admin guide for v3 changes, and reorganize into
a narrative structure which makes more sense for v3.

Change-Id: I4ac3b18d5ed33b0fea4e2ef0318b19bfc3447ccc
6 years ago
James E. Blair 1de8d40f38 Add configuration documentation
This adds the start of v3 configuration documentation.

Change-Id: I3cc2f69c61795ef82d0e1c71d639e46fd1d5a7d1
Story: 2000790
Task: 3314
6 years ago
David Shrewsbury 95ec6202af Add trigger developer doc
Move developer docs to their own subdir (to avoid filename conflicts
with current doc set), and add a (very basic) new dev doc for triggers.

Change-Id: I0dce63ab9fa470247c4bbd4aae58dc97cdf8a517
6 years ago
Paul Belanger 174a8274d0 Rename zuul-launcher to zuul-executor
To avoid confusion with nodepool-launcher, we've decided to rename
zuul-launcher to zuul-executor.

Change-Id: I7d03cf0f0093400f4ba2e4beb1c92694224a3e8c
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <>
6 years ago
James E. Blair e4de4f44dd Add Drivers to documentation
Re-organize the "internals" section into a "Developer's Guide" with
sub-pages and add the drivers documentation as one of them.

Change-Id: Ibdf0287a7a077dfeaac6c63d1c8beca8d5f3f4be
6 years ago
Monty Taylor 82dfd41fee
Add an internals doc to the documentation
Sometimes having narrative text describing how objects hang together it
handy for knowing what to do.

Change-Id: Ib12af2d993740d82b4f43de74b11ecefd1cd363a
7 years ago
Thanh Ha 33ccffe302 Add quick-start guide
Change-Id: I718b2dd6fc6c71f67fbb1774ae4b0b625fdf053d
Signed-off-by: Thanh Ha <>
7 years ago
Joshua Hesketh fe485c6091 Document the new connections in zuul
Add in the new documentation for 'connections'.

Change-Id: Iafb2412e47e12e2bf9c92512ffbb00c1f9a19a57
8 years ago
Antoine Musso 45dd2cb40e cloner to easily clone dependent repositories
The intent is to replace the devstack shell script with a python utility
which would be easy to reuse.

Change-Id: I3c8748e2544af80e72fdd0b2e3627b4fc2212c01
9 years ago
Christian Berendt aca2311e4c cleaning up index.rst file
Removed notes about the generation of the file.

Change-Id: I56a4fde2d502b46e12024f3e96dbea68509bbf33
9 years ago
James E. Blair 4076e2b432 Split the merger into a separate process
Connect it to Zuul via Gearman.  Any number of mergers may be

Directly find the pipeline for a build when processing a result,
so that the procedure is roughly the same for build and merge

The timer trigger currently requires the gerrit trigger also be
configured.  Make that explicit inside of the timer trigger so
that the scheduler API interaction with triggers is cleaner.

Change-Id: I69498813764753c97c426e42d17596c2ef1d87cf
9 years ago
James E. Blair 4ce47daa50 Document zuul client
Adds programoutput sphinx extension as a test dependency so doc
builds can include the program help text.

Change-Id: Iec2f09f710162614cbb393a5628204ddebe2e29f
10 years ago
Antoine Musso a8eea7d354 statsd documentation
A basic page explaining how to have Zuul send metrics to statsd and the
metrics being exposed.

Change-Id: I3e767989a7bc46a1ed9083ecab60bfeeadcb6439
10 years ago
Joshua Hesketh 1879cf721c Separate reporters from triggers
Allows multiple reports per a patchset to be sent to pluggable
destinations. These are configurable per pipeline and, if not
specified, defaults to the legacy behaviour of reporting back only
to gerrit.

Having multiple reporting methods means only certain success/failure
/start parameters will apply to certain reporters. Reporters are
listed as keys under each of those actions.

This means that each key under success/failure/start is a reporter and the
dictionaries under those are sent to the reporter to deal with.

Change-Id: I80d7539772e1485d5880132f22e55751b25ec198
10 years ago
James E. Blair 1f4c2bb104 Switch the launcher to Gearman.
Remove the Jenkins launcher and add a new Gearman launcher (designed
to be compatible with Jenkins) in its place.

See the documentation for how to set up the Gearman Plugin for

Change-Id: Ie7224396271d7375f4ea42eebb57f883bc291738
10 years ago
James E. Blair cdd000764e Add documentation.
Change-Id: I8197ec2e52596fa4136f8af9aa93ea06e56d4d0d
11 years ago