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Morgan Fainberg 4c6a774419
Python 3 Fixes: Use print() not print
For Python 3 fixes, use print() instead of the python 2 "print"
bareword syntax.

Change-Id: Ib77544d111aab6a1bd52555bcbd1dad9955d0074
7 years ago
James E. Blair 574ec76a60 Update zuul-changes to use the enqueue command
Change-Id: I990cd0282f8e6d7706dc1bb6b6573b929623a171
8 years ago
Monty Taylor 6bef8ef87a Use flake8/hacking instead of pep8/pyflakes.
Change-Id: Id0e447a7e66562d6ad0298619e36f752ae31adb0
Reviewed-by: James E. Blair <>
Reviewed-by: Doug Hellmann <>
Approved: Clark Boylan <>
Reviewed-by: Clark Boylan <>
Tested-by: Jenkins
10 years ago
James E. Blair c3b8eff63c Add a utility script for mass-comments.
The script prints a gerrit review command for every change in
a given zuul pipeline.

Change-Id: Ibdee87ea64c977e7589cbc3ee9567e866cb78341
Reviewed-by: Clark Boylan <>
Approved: Jeremy Stanley <>
Reviewed-by: Jeremy Stanley <>
Tested-by: Jenkins
10 years ago