328 Commits (f05adde83e1ad76a5fc8afe5f77c49e7a7eeb547)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jan Kubovy 8e333e65a9
Separate connection registries in tests 7 months ago
  Guillaume Chauvel 96d002cbbe Fix branch name and project name for ref-updated create/delete 10 months ago
  Guillaume Chauvel 3cae84145a scheduler: Fix event process abide hasUnparsedBranchCache argument 9 months ago
  Tobias Henkel 05bd907928
Fix test race in test_client_dequeue_ref 10 months ago
  Benedikt Loeffler 99c6db0895
Report retried builds in a build set via mqtt. 2 years ago
  Jan Kubovy 6e9c922dd5 Refactor zookeeper in tests 1 year ago
  Jan Kubovy 3734a58cc2 Refactor nodepool in tests 1 year ago
  Jan Kubovy bc68c48e5b Refactor executor_client in tests 1 year ago
  Jan Kubovy 7df5508dbd Use scheduler manager consistently in tests 1 year ago
  Jan Kubovy a770be9b83 Scheduler test app manager 1 year ago
  Jan Kubovy 1bb26d7b37 Make test setup_config more pure 1 year ago
  James E. Blair 224ab5d54a Ensure job.queued is correct after reconfig 1 year ago
  Matthieu Huin c8aafb4ab3 Authorization rules: add templating 1 year ago
  Jan Kubovy 5f40b8a06e Extracting scheduler in test base 1 year ago
  Tobias Henkel 130708b43c
Support pausing merge jobs 1 year ago
  James E. Blair 9eef4e532a Don't run jobs if only their file matchers are updated 1 year ago
  Tobias Henkel 66c740e89e
Test that retries don't trigger fail-fast 1 year ago
  Benjamin Schanzel 736c6c45ef Fix Test Case "TestScheduler.test_timer_with_jitter" 1 year ago
  Benjamin Schanzel 612472b9e3 Allow Passing of Jitter Values in TimerDriver 1 year ago
  Tobias Henkel 0336205981 Add support for smart reconfigurations 2 years ago
  Tobias Henkel 17f6b7cf75
Fix canceling builds in starting phase 2 years ago
  Matthieu Huin a0015014c9
enqueue: make trigger deprecated 1 year ago
  Simon Westphahl dc859c1f6c Don't process builds not longer in job graph 1 year ago
  Simon Westphahl a49545c1f8 Fix exceptions on reconfig with changing window 1 year ago
  Simon Westphahl 8eec9e3bcb Ensure correct re-enqueue on changing gate queue 1 year ago
  Fabien Boucher dbf01dab90 Keep tenant_last_reconfigured float precision (time.sleep removal) 2 years ago
  Tristan Cacqueray e85fb93d1d Store a list of held nodes per held build in hold request 2 years ago
  James E. Blair ef0eebaf3b Fix skipping child jobs with soft dependencies 2 years ago
  David Shrewsbury 9f5743366d Auto-delete expired autohold requests 2 years ago
  David Shrewsbury 6bbf3609bb Mark nodes as USED when deleting autohold 2 years ago
  David Shrewsbury e8a0d799a6 Add scheduler config options for hold expiration 2 years ago
  David Shrewsbury 2c1c9ae662 Record held node IDs with autohold request 2 years ago
  David Shrewsbury e1460154d9 Add autohold-info CLI command 2 years ago
  David Shrewsbury 716ac1f2e1 Store autohold requests in zookeeper 2 years ago
  James E. Blair f13cc924df Add option to report build page 2 years ago
  mhuin 19474fb62f Web: plug the authorization engine 2 years ago
  James E. Blair a8e83031db Add "supercedes" pipeline option 2 years ago
  Tobias Henkel 5d35195b65
Unify gearman worker handling 2 years ago
  James E. Blair 0fc385ebed Handle existing broken config in job updates 2 years ago
  James E. Blair de1a8372a8 Build layout of non-live items with config updates 2 years ago
  James E. Blair 7fba932e5d Run jobs when their own config changes 2 years ago
  Fabien Boucher a9f7714502 Add support for item.change for pipeline start-message formater 2 years ago
  Fabien Boucher a48548b804 Add missing start-message in pipeline config schema 2 years ago
  James E. Blair f8523ef9f5 Make git repo leak check advisory in TestExecutor 2 years ago
  Fabien Boucher aeb5ef4ef6 Disable gc in test_scheduler.TestExecutor 2 years ago
  Tobias Henkel 6f3bcdd6b6
Annotate builds with event id 2 years ago
  Tobias Henkel e90fe41bfe Report tenant and project specific resource usage stats 2 years ago
  Tobias Henkel 7639053905
Annotate merger logs with event id 2 years ago
  Fabien Boucher a468918525 Fix dequeue ref not handling the project name 2 years ago
  Tobias Henkel b0d7c3c69a
Support fail-fast in project pipelines 2 years ago