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James E. Blair 70077ee6d5 Do not wait for streamer when disabled
When a user sets zuul_console_disabled, we don't need to try to
connect to the streaming daemon.  In fact, they may have set it
because they know it won't be running.  Check for this and avoid
the connection step in that case and therefore avoid the extraneous
"Waiting on logger" messages and extra 30 second delay at the end
of each task.

Change-Id: I86af231f1ca1c5b54b21daae29387a8798190a58
2 months ago
dashboard Update node to v14 and update to new jobs 3 years ago
release Use ensure-* roles 3 years ago
tutorial tutorial: remove warn parameter from 'shell' ansible module 6 months ago
zuul-nox Add noxfile and switch to nox 5 months ago
zuul-stream Do not wait for streamer when disabled 2 months ago