The Gatekeeper, or a project gating system
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Tobias Henkel 0a394ad67e
Optionally disable disk_limit_per_job
2 years ago
ansible Combine zuul.artifacts lists in zuul_return 2 years ago
cmd Log connection exceptions when starting web 3 years ago
connection Cache branches in connections/sources 3 years ago
driver Merge "Clarify project vs repository in getPullBySha" 2 years ago
execution_context Add wrapper driver execution context 4 years ago
executor Optionally disable disk_limit_per_job 2 years ago
lib Merge "Support boolean values in get_default" 2 years ago
manager Merge "Fix missing semaphore release on node failure" 3 years ago
merger Make git clone timeout configurable 3 years ago
reporter Filter file comments for existing files 3 years ago
source Cache branches in connections/sources 3 years ago
sphinx Add zuul-sphinx as a requirement 4 years ago
trigger Remove use of six library 4 years ago
web Return artifact metadata in API endpoint 2 years ago Initial commit. 9 years ago Use zuul/web/static in setup_hook 3 years ago Fix wrong matched project template 3 years ago Don't exclude config if excluded in earlier tenant 3 years ago mqtt: add basic reporter 3 years ago Merge "Don't set child jobs to skipped on post failure" 2 years ago Merge "Rework zuul nodepool stats reporting" 3 years ago Use gearman client keepalive 3 years ago Merge "Use gearman client keepalive" 3 years ago Be more aggressive in canceling node requests 3 years ago Report git sha in status page version 3 years ago Merge "web: add /{tenant}/nodes route" 3 years ago