The Gatekeeper, or a project gating system
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Jenkins 4d0e07e669 Merge "Fix ZUUL_COMMIT in certain conditions" 9 years ago
cmd Make zuul-merger default pidfile match init script 9 years ago
launcher Cancel a build even if not found 9 years ago
lib Revert "report message even if no action is specified" 9 years ago
merger Fix ZUUL_COMMIT in certain conditions 9 years ago
reporter Make all changes reportable 9 years ago
trigger Increase replication timeout to 5 minutes 9 years ago Initial commit. 10 years ago Add require-approval to Gerrit trigger 9 years ago Ignore approvals without descriptions 9 years ago Add a promote client command 9 years ago Add a promote client command 9 years ago Remove double accounting of builds 9 years ago Migrate to pbr. 9 years ago Ensure there's always an http server object 9 years ago