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Zuul Status
Zuul Status is a web portal for a Zuul server.
Set up
The markup generated by the javascript is fairly generic so it should be easy
to drop into an existing portal. All it needs is
``<div id="id="zuul-container"></div>``.
Having said that, the markup is optimised for Twitter Bootstrap, though it in
no way depends on Boostrap and any element using a bootstrap class has a
``zuul-`` prefixed class alongside it.
The script depends on jQuery (tested with version 1.8 and 1.9).
The script optimises updates by stopping when the page is not visible.
This is done by listerning to ``show`` and ``hide`` events emitted by the
Page Visibility plugin for jQuery. If you don't want to load this plugin you
can undo undo this optimisation by removing the 9 lines using this on the
bottom of ``app.js``
To automatically fetch the latest versions of jQuery, the Page Visibility
plugin and Twitter Boostrap, run the ```` script.
The default ``index.html`` references these.