The Gatekeeper, or a project gating system
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Zuul 61e11c48cf Merge "Handle missing config files in zuul-web" 5 months ago
ansible Add secret_data to zuul_return 1 year ago
cmd Remove ZooKeeperClient for tenant-conf-check 6 months ago
connection Fix zuul-web startup config priming 7 months ago
driver Merge "gerrit driver - skip ignored events before they hit zookeeper" 5 months ago
executor Offload FrozenJob secrets 5 months ago
lib Add readiness/liveness probes to prometheus server 7 months ago
manager Quantize relative priority 7 months ago
merger Add readiness/liveness probes to prometheus server 7 months ago
reporter Refactor change key/reference resolution 8 months ago
source Retry dependency update requests 7 months ago
sphinx docs: remove zuuldocs domain 2 years ago
trigger Filter events on event connection 1 year ago
web Merge "REST API: add idx_min, idx_max params to getBuilds, getBuildsets" 6 months ago
zk Compress ZKObject data 5 months ago Revert "Revert "Create zuul/web/static on demand"" 2 years ago Match tag items against containing branches 2 years ago Handle missing config files in zuul-web 5 months ago Let zuul-web look up the live log streaming address from ZooKeeper 9 months ago Offload FrozenJob secrets 5 months ago Don't add node resources to nonexistent tenant 9 months ago Route streams to different zones via finger gateway 1 year ago Use abide for listing tenants in zuul-web 8 months ago Don't join the command thread if we stop via command socket 5 months ago Store version information in component registry 8 months ago