The Gatekeeper, or a project gating system
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import logging
from zuul.driver.github.githubconnection import GithubConnection
from zuul.driver.github import GithubDriver
from zuul.model import Change, Project
# This is a template with boilerplate code for debugging github issues
# TODO: for real use override the following variables
server = ''
api_token = 'xxxx'
appid = 2
appkey = '/opt/project/appkey'
org = 'example'
repo = 'sandbox'
pull_nr = 8
def configure_logging(context):
stream_handler = logging.StreamHandler()
logger = logging.getLogger(context)
# uncomment for more logging
# configure_logging('urllib3')
# configure_logging('github3')
# configure_logging('cachecontrol')
# This is all that's needed for getting a usable github connection
def create_connection(server, api_token):
driver = GithubDriver()
connection_config = {
'server': server,
'api_token': api_token,
conn = GithubConnection(driver, 'github', connection_config)
return conn
def create_connection_app(server, appid, appkey):
driver = GithubDriver()
connection_config = {
'server': server,
'app_id': appid,
'app_key': appkey,
conn = GithubConnection(driver, 'github', connection_config)
return conn
def get_change(connection: GithubConnection,
org: str,
repo: str,
pull: int) -> Change:
p = Project("%s/%s" % (org, repo), connection.source)
github = connection.getGithubClient(
pr = github.pull_request(org, repo, pull)
sha = pr.head.sha
return conn._getChange(p, pull, sha, True)
# create github connection with api token
conn = create_connection(server, api_token)
# create github connection with app key
# conn = create_connection_app(server, appid, appkey)
# Now we can do anything we want with the connection, e.g. check canMerge for
# a pull request.
change = get_change(conn, org, repo, pull_nr)
print(conn.canMerge(change, {'cc/gate2'}))
# Or just use the github object.
# github = conn.getGithubClient()
# repository = github.repository(org, repo)
# print(repository.as_dict())