The Gatekeeper, or a project gating system
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# Copyright 2019 OpenStack Foundation
# Copyright 2019 Red Hat, Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
import logging
import math
import time
import jwt
import requests
import json
from zuul import exceptions
from zuul.driver import AuthenticatorInterface
logger = logging.getLogger("zuul.auth.jwt")
class JWTAuthenticator(AuthenticatorInterface):
"""The base class for JWT-based authentication."""
def __init__(self, **conf):
# Common configuration for all authenticators
self.uid_claim = conf.get('uid_claim', 'sub')
self.issuer_id = conf.get('issuer_id')
self.audience = conf.get('client_id')
self.realm = conf.get('realm')
self.allow_authz_override = conf.get('allow_authz_override', False)
self.skew = int(conf.get('skew', 0))
except Exception:
raise ValueError(
'skew must be an integer, got %s' % conf.get('skew'))
if isinstance(self.allow_authz_override, str):
if self.allow_authz_override.lower() == 'true':
self.allow_authz_override = True
self.allow_authz_override = False
self.max_validity_time = float(conf.get('max_validity_time',
except ValueError:
raise ValueError('"max_validity_time" must be a numerical value')
def _decode(self, rawToken):
raise NotImplementedError
def decodeToken(self, rawToken):
"""Verify the raw token and return the decoded dictionary of claims"""
decoded = self._decode(rawToken)
except jwt.exceptions.InvalidSignatureError:
raise exceptions.AuthTokenInvalidSignatureException(
except jwt.DecodeError:
raise exceptions.AuthTokenUndecodedException(
except jwt.exceptions.ExpiredSignatureError:
raise exceptions.TokenExpiredError(
except jwt.InvalidIssuerError:
raise exceptions.IssuerUnknownError(
except jwt.InvalidAudienceError:
raise exceptions.IncorrectAudienceError(
except Exception as e:
raise exceptions.AuthTokenUnauthorizedException(
# Missing claim tests
if not all(x in decoded for x in ['aud', 'iss', 'exp', 'sub']):
raise exceptions.MissingClaimError(realm=self.realm)
if self.max_validity_time < math.inf and 'iat' not in decoded:
raise exceptions.MissingClaimError(
msg='Missing "iat" claim',
if self.uid_claim not in decoded:
raise exceptions.MissingUIDClaimError(realm=self.realm)
# Time related tests
expires = decoded.get('exp', 0)
issued_at = decoded.get('iat', 0)
now = time.time()
if issued_at + self.skew > now:
raise exceptions.AuthTokenUnauthorizedException(
msg='"iat" claim set in the future',
if now - issued_at > self.max_validity_time:
raise exceptions.TokenExpiredError(
msg='Token was issued too long ago',
if expires + self.skew < now:
raise exceptions.TokenExpiredError(realm=self.realm)
# Zuul-specific claims tests
zuul_claims = decoded.get('zuul', {})
admin_tenants = zuul_claims.get('admin', [])
if not isinstance(admin_tenants, list):
raise exceptions.IncorrectZuulAdminClaimError(realm=self.realm)
if admin_tenants and not self.allow_authz_override:
msg = ('Issuer "%s" attempt to override User "%s" '
'authorization denied') % (decoded['iss'], decoded[self.uid_claim]))
logger.debug('%r' % admin_tenants)
raise exceptions.UnauthorizedZuulAdminClaimError(
if admin_tenants and self.allow_authz_override:
msg = ('Issuer "%s" attempt to override User "%s" '
'authorization granted') % (decoded['iss'], decoded[self.uid_claim]))
logger.debug('%r' % admin_tenants)
return decoded
def authenticate(self, rawToken):
decoded = self.decodeToken(rawToken)
# inject the special authenticator-specific uid
decoded['__zuul_uid_claim'] = decoded[self.uid_claim]
return decoded
class HS256Authenticator(JWTAuthenticator):
"""JWT authentication using the HS256 algorithm.
Requires a shared secret between Zuul and the identity provider."""
name = algorithm = 'HS256'
def __init__(self, **conf):
super(HS256Authenticator, self).__init__(**conf)
self.secret = conf.get('secret')
def _decode(self, rawToken):
return jwt.decode(rawToken, self.secret, issuer=self.issuer_id,
class RS256Authenticator(JWTAuthenticator):
"""JWT authentication using the RS256 algorithm.
Requires a copy of the public key of the identity provider."""
name = algorithm = 'RS256'
def __init__(self, **conf):
super(RS256Authenticator, self).__init__(**conf)
with open(conf.get('public_key')) as pk:
self.public_key =
def _decode(self, rawToken):
return jwt.decode(rawToken, self.public_key, issuer=self.issuer_id,
class RS256withJWKSAuthenticator(JWTAuthenticator):
"""JWT authentication using the RS256 algorithm.
Requires the URL of the certificates used by the Identity Provier. It can
be found usually under the key "jwks_uri" at the provider's
.well-known/openid-configuration URL."""
algorithm = 'RS256'
name = 'RS256withJWKS'
def __init__(self, **conf):
super(RS256withJWKSAuthenticator, self).__init__(**conf)
self.keys_url = conf.get('keys_url', None)
def _decode(self, rawToken):
unverified_headers = jwt.get_unverified_header(rawToken)
key_id = unverified_headers.get('kid', None)
if key_id is None:
raise exceptions.JWKSException(
self.realm, 'No key ID in token header')
# TODO keys can probably be cached
certs = requests.get(self.keys_url).json()
except Exception as e:
msg = 'Could not fetch Identity Provider keys at %s: %s'
logger.error(msg % (self.keys_url, e))
raise exceptions.JWKSException(
msg='There was an error while fetching '
'keys for Identity Provider')
for key_dict in certs['keys']:
if key_dict.get('kid') == key_id:
key = jwt.algorithms.RSAAlgorithm.from_jwk(
return jwt.decode(rawToken, key, issuer=self.issuer_id,
raise exceptions.JWKSException(
'Cannot verify token: public key %s '
'not listed by Identity Provider' % key_id)
'HS256': HS256Authenticator,
'RS256': RS256Authenticator,
'RS256withJWKS': RS256withJWKSAuthenticator,
def get_authenticator_by_name(name):