The Gatekeeper, or a project gating system
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Zuul c80684fbf7 Merge "Add simple testing for Zuul CLI & REST API" 1 year ago
ansible Merge "zuul_unreachable: Fix ansible callback exception" 1 year ago
cmd CLI: Fix errors with the REST client 1 year ago
connection Annotate some logs in the scheduler with event id 2 years ago
driver Merge "Report retried builds via sql reporter." 1 year ago
execution_context Add wrapper driver execution context 4 years ago
executor Merge "Report retried builds in a build set via mqtt." 1 year ago
lib Create virtualenvs in series to avoid cache race 1 year ago
manager Merge "Report retried builds in a build set via mqtt." 1 year ago
merger Fix quickstart gating, Add git name and email to executor 1 year ago
reporter Report dequeued changes via Github checks API 1 year ago
source Annotate canMerge check with event id 2 years ago
sphinx Add zuul-sphinx as a requirement 4 years ago
trigger Annotate logs in the zuul driver with event ids 2 years ago
web Merge "REST API: fix discrepancies between RPC and REST outputs for autohold" 1 year ago Initial commit. 9 years ago Use zuul/web/static in setup_hook 3 years ago Match tag items against containing branches 1 year ago Don't recreate parse context for every config file 1 year ago web: add tenant and project scoped, JWT-protected actions 2 years ago Merge "Report retried builds in a build set via mqtt." 1 year ago Store a list of held nodes per held build in hold request 2 years ago Add client_id to RPC client 2 years ago Authorization rules: add templating 1 year ago Contain pipeline exceptions 1 year ago Report git sha in status page version 3 years ago Add TLS support for ZooKeeper 1 year ago